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Faculty of Agriculture

Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Agriculture,

Onischenko Nikita Aleksandrovich

Dean's office: Lenin str., 33, room#343
Tel.: (814-2) 71-10-75

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- Agronomy and soil science
- Chair of animal breeding (zootechniques) and provisions examination
- Mechanization of agriculture


Faculty of Agriculture is the unique educational division in the Northwest Russia training experts of the top echelon for agriculture.

Within the past years training experts in several new spheres such as fish farming, agricultural business has begun. On the basis of mechanical branches of technical schools the accelerated preparation of mechanical engineers within the specialization "operation and service of vehicles" is accomplished.

Teachers of the faculty accomplish scientific research in the field of stability of agricultural animals and plants to illnesses, fodder production and animal husbandry.

The faculty maintains scientific cooperation the scientists from Finland, Norway, Germany, Sweden and other countries. Joint researches on dairy cattle breeding, fodder production, and agroecology are accomplished. The faculty participated in several joint programs with the Finnish educational institutions on the exchange of students, on preparation of experts for the agricultural enterprises, and farmers. Annually 10-15 students of the faculty work on probation in the farms and other agricultural enterprises of Finland and other countries.

Teachers of the faculty are interested in broadening scientific contacts in the field of animal husbandry, stability to diseases, fish farming, agroecology, soil science and protection of plants.

The department of zootechnics has its own post-graduate program.

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