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Faculty of Ecology and Biology

Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Full Professor, Doctor of Biology
Ivanter Ernest Viktorovich

Dean's office: Krasnoarmeiskaya str. 31, room#317
Tel.: (814-2) 76-38-64

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- Chair of general chemistry
- Chair of botany and physiology of plants
- Chair of zoology and ecology
- Chair of molecular biology, biological and organic chemistry

The faculty of Ecology and Biology trains experts in biology and ecology. Upon graduation they work in varoius institutions. It could be a network of nature protecting institutions - from ecological inspections to reserves and national parks; scientific research institutes and laboratories of biology, forest engineering, agriculture, ecology, biochemistry, and fish farming; higher and secondary vocational educational institutions, high schools and schools; clinical laboratories in hospitals and polyclinics; sanitary, veterinary and municipal services; gardening enterprises, landscape gardening units, fur farms, hunting reserves, botanical gardens.

Education is offered in the following areas: ecology and natural resources' protection (including water toxicology), zoology and animal ecology, ichthyology and hydrobiology, botany and physiology of plants and biochemistry and biotechnology. It is planned to introduce a new specialization on ecological geochemistry (at the Chair of general chemistry).

The scientific activity is focused on studying flora and fauna of the European North; evaluation of condition of land- and water ecosystems and the forecast of environment development under conditions of antropogenic influience, forecast of environment development under conditions of anthropogenic influence, influence of extreme factors on physiological functions and the tissue structure of organisms, evaluation of the present state and development perspectives of fishing and hunting industries. Special attention is paid to problems of ecology and preservation of the unique nature of the Republic of Karelia. The faculty members take an active part in various regional and international projects - The White Sea, The Barents Euro-Arctic Region, Russian Universities, The Large Lakes of the World, The Borderlands of Karelia and The Fundamental Problems of the Environment Preservation and Human Ecology. The faculty cooperates and carries out joint research projects together with specialists from Russian scientific and educational institutions, universities and institutes of Finland (the Institute of fishing and hunting industries, Universities of Joensuu, Oulu, Kuopio, Helsinki; Mikkeli Polytechnic Institute), Sweden (Universities of Umeå and Uppsala), Norway (University of Tromse), Poland (The Fish Economy Institute in Olshtin, The Agricultural Academy), the USA (Universities of Minnesota and Vermont).

In all areas of scientific research, GIS-based scientific and cartographic data banks are being created in cooperation with the Regional Center of New Information Technologies.

The results of research projects carried out by the faculty are used in industry and agriculture and serve as a scientific foundation for responsible decision-making in the area of natural resources protection and arrangement of economical activities of the Republic of Karelia.


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