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Faculty of History

Associate Professor, Ph.D. in History
Verigin Sergey Gennadievich

Dean's office: Lenin str., 33, room#303
Tel.: (814-2) 711-074
Fax: (814-2) 711-000

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- Chair of world history
- Chair of history of pre-revolutionary Russia
- Chair of national history
- Chair of history of countries of Northern Europe
- Chair of archive administration and special historical disciplines

The Faculty of History is one of the oldest departments of Petrozavodsk State University. The Faculty has at its disposal the top-level specialists. From all 43 lecturers of the staff 35 have academic degree and status.

Lately participation of Faculty scientists in various international projects has become the constant practice. Due to significant role of Petrozavodsk historians in the scientific historical community the following famous historians have become the honorable doctors of PetrSU: Heikki Kirkinen, Professor Emeritus of Joensuu University (Finland), Alexander Oganovitch Chubarian, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of World History Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), Timo Vihavainen, Professor of Russian Studies at the University of Helsinki (Finland), Tatiana Grigorievna Arkhipova, Ph.D., Professor, Dean of Records Management Faculty, Russian State Humanitarian University (Russia).

The Faculty of History provides specialists in history and foreign languages. The graduates of the Faculty work in schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges, technical schools and in the institutions of higher education, museums and archives, libraries and in newspapers and magazines, academic scientific institutions, in governmental bodies.

The Faculty has five chairs: Chair of history of pre-revolutionary Russia, Chair of home history (post-Revolutionary period), Chair of world history, Chair of Northern Europe counties history, Chair of archive administration and special historical disciplines, as well as the Laboratory on the Problems of the Scandinavian Countries and Finland (the head is Associate Professor I.M.Solomesch, Investigative Laboratory for Local and Microhistory of Karelia (ILLMiK) (the head is Associate Professor I.A.Chernyakova), the "The Russian North" Research Center (the head is Associate Professor A.M.Pashkov), International Scientific and Educational Centre for Historical and Cultural Studies of Northern Europe (director is the Dean, Associate Professor S.G.Verigin), Centre of Museology, Historical and Cultural Tourism (the head is Associate Professor T.V.Nikulina), Oral History Research Centre (the head is senior lecturer A.V.Golubev), Research Centre on the Problems of the Second World War in the North of Europe (the head is Professor Y.M.Kilin), Laboratory of the History of Government Administration (the head is Associate Professor A.I.Butvilo), Laboratory of Visual Researching in History (the head is Professor A.V.Antoschenko).

The students are offered to choose one of the following specialties: “History” 030401 (separate admission to the specialty “History” and specializations “Finland and Scandinavian Countries History” and “Historical and Cultural Tourism”) and “Historical Achivistics” 030402 (specialization “Records Management and Departmental Archives”). Since 2008 Bachelor’s Programme in History with the additional qualification “An Interpreter in the Sphere of Professional Communication (English)” has been opened inside the specialty 030400 “History”; term of apprenticeship is 4 years.

The essential trends of scientific research work on the Faculty have been defined and include the problems of Russian European North history, history of Finland and Scandinavian countries and the issues connected with the World History historiography. The lecturers of the Faculty take an active part in the development of the comprehensive scientific themes: “Russian Peoples: Revival and Development”, “Finns in Karelia”, “Contemporary Russian Emigration in Finland”, etc. They participate regularly in seminars, symposia, conferences of different levels, including international ones. The results of their work are regularly published in Russian and foreign scientific journals.

Annually the Faculty of History organizes huge international scientific conferences. In 1997 the 13th International scientific conference on researching of history, economics, languages and culture of Scandinavian countries and Finland was arranged. About 180 scientists from Russia, Western and Northern Europe, the USA and Canada took part in this event. In October, 2009 international scientific conference “Russia and Finland in Multipolar World: 1809 – 2009” was organized. The forum was visited by about 150 representatives of scientific and educational centers, governmental bodies and public organizations of Russia, Finland and Sweden.

Currently the Faculty representatives are working on the creation of the scientific and educational Centre of the history and culture of Northern Europe countries.


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