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Faculty of Medicine

Full Professor, Doctor of Medicine,

Aleksandr T. Balashov

Tel: +7 814-2 78-15-50

Dean's office:
Krasnoarmeiskaia str., 31, room #218
Tel: +7 814-2 78-15-50

Aleksandr T. Balashov

Admission information 

Courses in English 


- Chair of anatomy, histology, pathological anatomy and forensic medicine 
- Chair of human and animal physiology and physiopathology 
- Chair of foreign languages for the faculties of Medicine and Biology 
- Chair of propedeutics of internal illnesses and dermatovenereology 
- Chair of pharmacology, pharmaceutical policy and economics, microbiology and hygiene
- Chair of faculty therapy, infectious diseases and epidemiology 
- Chair of hospital surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, stomatology, operative surgery and topographic anatomy 
- Chair of neurology and psychiatry
- Chair of obstetrics and gynecology 
- Chair of general and faculty surgery 
- Chair of hospital therapy 
- Chair of pediatrics and child surgery 
- Chair of respiratory and critical care medicine 
- Chair of radial diagnostics and radial therapy, oncology, urology and phthisiology 
- Chair of family medicine, public health, health organisation, life and medicine safety 


The medical faculty has two branches - general medicine and pediatrics.

Upon graduating from the faculty diplomaed doctors have to take a one-year initial specialization in the elected speciality (intership) and then at once or through some period after independent work can attend biennial clinical internship for reception of the certificate of the expert (internal illnesses, surgery, beam diagnostics, nervous illnesses, psychiatry, otolaryngology, pathalogical anatomy, anesthesiology and reanimatology, obstetrics and gynecology; children's surgery, pediatrics), giving to the expert the right to be certified as the doctor of the supreme category.

In enrolling on medical faculty residents of Northwest region of the Russian Federation have advantage. Within the framework of the long-term contract with administration of Murmansk area annually at the end of June the away selection committee of PetrSU on reception of entrance examinations and enrolling on medical faculty works in Murmansk.

At present 69 students and 2 post-graduate students from the countries of Near East (Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Yemen) are trained at the faculty.

The basic scientific trends of the faculty are: hematology, rheumatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, immunology, vascular surgery, surgical treatment of bronchial asthma, epidemiology, congenital developmental anomalies of the fruit, clinical physiology and intensive therapy of respiratory insufficiency, neurophysiology and adaptation to conditions of the North. The specified scientific trends allow the collective of the medical faculty to concentrate on problems of studying epidemiology of pathological processes in regions of the European North of the Russian Federation and to solve problems effectively, first of all of the pathologies of respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and also of oncology and preventive maintenance of other diseases.


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