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The Northern Fisheries Research Institute (SevNIIRH)

     PhD in Biology

     Dmitry Ivanter

Russia, 185031
185031, Petrozavodsk, Varkaus rd., 3
Tel./fax: + 7 8142 78-32-85

  General Information
  Basic trends of research

General Information

The Northern Fisheries Research Institute (SevNIIRH) is the regional centre of fundamental and practical research in the field of rational wildlife management of internal reservoirs of the European North of Russia and a field training base on the problems of professional training in the field of applied ichthyology, population ecology, protection of environment and effective use of natural resources.

Archival and fund materials on hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological parameters of more than 600 reservoirs collected by the Institute for 70 years of its existence and transformed into the system of computer databases are of special unique scientific and practical importance.

Research of the raw materials' resources of the basic fishery reservoirs of the Northwest Russia include long-term fishery monitoring of conditions of the raw-material base of large reservoirs of the region and definition of optimum fish catches, development of forecasts of catches and recommendations for optimum operation of fish resources, formation of programs of development of the fish branch on this basis.

All Karelian trout farms (now they are 19) which produce more than 2/3 of trouts grown in Russia were created on the basis of scientific-and-production research of SevNIIRH.

The basic trend of ecological and toxicological researches is estimation of tolerance of fresh-water biocenosis to technogenic intoxications regarding the climatic zone, biogeochemical area and the season. These researches are of special importance for regulating the level of technogenic intoxications of water ecosystems, perfection of quality surveillance of water, evaluation of biological quality of water.

In relation to the applied and regional orientation of works the Institute is traditionally cooperating basically with the Institute of Hunting and Fishery of Finland, with the University of Kuopio - in the field of genic fish engineering. In the Russian-Finnish Commission on use of boundary water systems SevNIIRH represents the Russian part of fishery groups. 

Basic trends of research

  • Estimation of number of mass species of fishes and water invertebrates in fresh-water reservoirs of Karelia, Murmansk, Archangelsk and Vologda regions;
  • Development of recommendations for rational farming of fish and fish culture;
  • Reduction of damage to water systems caused by economic activities in the European North of Russia;
  • Control of biological quality of water.

In contradictinction to the majority of ecological research institutes, SevNIIRH is never focused on especially basic researches, and works accomplished by the institute are always socially-orientated. Basically, specific economically significant tasks are solved:

  • Calculation of ecologically allowable fish catches in the region,
  • Estimation of damage to water ecosystems and to organisms caused by technogenic influences and designing of complex measures for their decrease,
  • Development of biological substantiations for fish reproduction,
  • Creation of a cadastre of fresh-water reservoirs of Karelia,
  • Estimation of changes in water biocenosises and their environmental threat to the population.

The basic issue in the activity of the institute is the course towards maintenance of natural biovariety of water ecosystems of the European North of Russia as they, first, represent the least antropogenically transformed natural complexes in Europe and, second, are the most biologically vulnerable comparing to the other natural-climatic zones. 


Structure of the Institute has undergone numerous transformations related to varying problems and economic opportunities. The institute managed to keep most of its highly skilled personnel potential (more than 60% of employees have scientific degrees). Today within the institute there operate 6 divisions:

  • Laboratory of ecological toxicology and biomonitoring,
  • Laboratory of source of raw materials and forecasting,
  • Laboratory of hydrobiology,
  • Laboratory of aquaculture,
  • Sector populational ecology of salmon fishes,
  • Sector of computer development and telemetry,

and the scientific-trade vessel "Researcher" of 350 tones of displacement. Organizationally SevNIIRH is a structural division of Petrozavodsk State University with the right of the legal person. The institute is located in two buildings which total area makes more 2500m2. There are numerous supplementary-technical premises, including 2 aquatorial ones.


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