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Regional Center of the Ministry of Education
on Labour Protection and Accident Prevention

    Maltseva Tatyana Vasilievna

The license #65 of October 8, 1998 was issued to Petrozavodsk State University for teaching and examination of heads and experts of the organizations of the system of the Ministry of Education of Russia on the subject of labour protection.

Personnel of the Center:

Sibirtsev Yu.Ya. - senior instructor on labour protection
Stetskii L.N. - Instructor (engineer on labour protection)
Bliaher L.A. - Instructor (Head of the laboratory of labour protection)
Grigoriev A.G. - Instructor (Head of the laboratories of the Chair of Solid State Physics)
Kiselev V.P. - Instructor (leading engineer of the Chair of Solid State Physics)
Pogodin V.M. - Instructor (Head of the laboratories of the Chair of Mechanics)
Shibaev I.P. - Assistant on technical problems (Head of the laboratories of the Chair of Physical Electronics)

The centre is training heads and experts in the following fields:

  • Labour protection
  • Electrosafety
  • Radiation safety
  • Load-lifting mechanisms
  • Work of autoclavers, compressorers and the experts working with pressure vessels (cylinders)

Upon completing the training course in the Centre the students obtain the certificate of the established sample.

Student guides on all these issues are developed in the Centre.


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