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Faculties and chairs

Common chairs


Scientific library

Academic and scientific services


Branches, Lyceums

Creative groups

Maintenance services


Board of Trustees
Conference of the labour collective
Trade Union organization of employees and instructors
Students' organization of the Trade Union
Academic Council
Administration of PetrSU
President of PetrSU
Union of Rectors of institutes of higher education of the Republic of Karelia


Council on quality
Educational and method council
Scientific and technical council
Council on informatization
Dissertation councils
Editorial and publishing council
Library Council
Council on educational work


Training development directorate

Academic department
Methodological department
Department of monitoring and quality

Directorate for scientific research

Department for scientific manpower training (Postgraduate, doctoral studies, clinical internship, intership and student scientific society)
Department for scientific projects and programs
Department for standardization and metrology

Directorate of pre-university and career guidance

Department of organizing the reception of students
Department of career guidance
Department of pre-university training

Directorate for international cooperation

Department of Academic Mobility
Registration and Visa Department
Protocol Department

Directorate for innovation and production activity

Directorate for educational and social work

Department of social work
Department for employment and alumni association
Department of educational work
Regional center of employment assistance and adaptation to labour market for graduates of institutes of higher vocational education
Health Unit

Directorate of economics

Budget department
Department of marketing
Department of supplies

Directorate for business accounting and financial screening

Department of payments for juridical and natural persons
Department of calculation of salaries and scholarships
Department of bookkeeping support of projects
Department of registration of stocks of materials and capital equipment
Accounting departments of separate organization developments of PetrSU

Administrative and legal directorate

Organizational Department
Legal Department

Directorate for information and publishing activities

Press office
Publishing house
Advertising and information activities office
Editorial office of the website of PetrSU
Newspaper "Petrozavodsky universitet (Petrozavodsk University)"

Electronic version of "Petrozavodsky universitet" (in Russian only)

Directorate for exploitation and maintenance

Department of technical supervision
Exploitation department
Service of the chief power engineering specialist
Service of the chief mechanical engineer
Service and building department

Economic administration

University buildings and dormitories

Administration of complex safety

Labour Protection Department
Department of antiterrorist and internal security
Department of fire safety
Department of civil defence and emergency

Personnel department
Department of technical means of education
Special department
The PetrSU History Museum

Faculties and Chairs

Faculty of Agriculture

- Chair of agronomy and soil science
- Chair of animal breeding (zootechniques) and provisions examination
- Chair of mechanization of agriculture

Faculty of Mining and Geology

- Chair of geology and geophysics
- Chair of mining

Faculty of History

- Chair of world history
- Chair of history of pre-revolutionary Russia
- Chair of national history
- Chair of history of countries of Northern Europe
- Chair of archive administration and special historical disciplines

Faculty of Forest Engineering

- Chair of tractive machines
- Chair of technology and forest complex equipment
- Chair of industrial transport and geodesy
- Chair of forest engineering
- Chair of technology of metals and repair
- Chair of pulp-and-paper and woodworking industries

Faculty of Mathematics

- Chair of theory of probabilities and analysis of data
- Chair of computer science
- Chair of mathematical analysis
- Chair of applied mathematics and cybernetics
- Chair of geometry and topology

Faculty of Medicine

- Chair of anatomy, histology, pathological anatomy and forensic medicine 
- Chair of human and animal physiology and physiopathology 
- Chair of foreign languages for the faculties of Medicine and Biology 
- Chair of propedeutics of internal illnesses and dermatovenereology 
- Chair of pharmacology, pharmaceutical policy and economics, microbiology and hygiene
- Chair of faculty therapy, infectious diseases and epidemiology 
- Chair of hospital surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, stomatology, operative surgery and topographic anatomy 
- Chair of neurology and psychiatry
- Chair of obstetrics and gynecology 
- Chair of general and faculty surgery 
- Chair of hospital therapy 
- Chair of pediatrics and child surgery 
- Chair of respiratory and critical care medicine 
- Chair of radial diagnostics and radial therapy, oncology, urology and phthisiology 
- Chair of family medicine, public health, health organisation, life and medicine safety 

Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

- Chair of political science
- Chair of sociology
- Chair of social work
- Chair of international relations
- Chair of foreign languages of the faculty of political and social science

Faculty of Baltic and Finnish Philology and Culture

- Chair of Finnish language and literature
- Chair of Karelian and Veps languages

Faculty of Industrial and Civil Engineering

- Chair of architecture, building units and geotechnics
- Chair of construction management
- Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics
- Chair of mechanics
- Chair of water-supply, hydraulics and water drain
- Chair of computer aids design (CAD)

Faculty of Physical Engineering

- Chair of general physics
- Chair of solid state physics
- Chair of information measuring systems and physical electronics
- Chair of electronics and power engineering
- Chair of energy supply of enterprises and energy efficiency

Faculty of Philology

- Chair of Russian language
- Chair of Russian literature and journalism
- Chair of Germanic philology
- Chair of classic philology
- Chair of Scandinavian languages

Faculty of Ecology and Biology

- Chair of general chemistry
- Chair of botany and physiology of plants
- Chair of zoology and ecology
- Chair of molecular biology, biological and organic chemistry

Faculty of Economics

- Chair of book-keeping, economical analysis and audit
- Chair of theoretical economy, public administration and municipal management
- Chair of economics and finance
- Chair of economic theory and management
- Chair of economics and production control

Faculty of Law

- Chair of theory and history of state and law
- Chair of international and constitutional law
- Chair of civil legislation
- Chair of criminal legislation
- Chair of foreign languages for the faculties of humanities

Chair of Tourism

Common chairs

- Chair of foreign languages for the technical faculties
- Chair of culturology
- Course of defence of population in emergency situations
- Chair of pedagogics and psychology
- Chair of physical training and sports
- Chair of philosophy

Faculty of Improvement of Professional Skills

- Educational and innovation Center


- Karelian regional institute of management, economy and law PetrSU
- Institute of International Program
- The Northern Fisheries Research Institute (SevNIIRH)
- The PetrSU Karelian scientific research institute on timber industry complex (in Russian only)
- Institute of historical and theoretical problems of folk architecture (in Russian only)

Integrated Research Institutes:
- Institute of Environmental Management of Nordic Europe of PetrSU
- Institute of High-Tech Biomedical Solutions of PetrSU
- Institute of ICT and Nano-Technologies of PetrSU
- Nordic Research Institute of PetrSU
- Institute of Continuing Education of PetrSU

Scientific library

Academic and scientific services of the faculties

- Laboratory of molecular genetics of innate immunity
- Botanic garden
- Laboratory on the problems of the Scandinavian countries and Finland
- Investigative Laboratory for Local and Microhistory of Karelia (ILLMiK)
- Laboratory of environmental problems of the North
- Educational and methodical center on professional certification of bookkeepers of the Faculty of economics
- Educational practice complex of the Chair of computer aids design (CAD) of the Faculty of Industrial and Civil Engineering
- Legal clinic of the Faculty of Law

Field study bases

- Biological research station of the Faculty of Ecology and Biology in Konchezero
- Field study base of the Faculty of Ecology and Biology in Sheltozero
- Educational base of the Faculty of Agriculture in Shuia


- Regional Center for New Information Technologies
- PetrSU-Metso Automation Systems Center
- PetrSU Center for Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency
- The PetrSU Interfaculty Ecology and Legal Center
- Budget Monitoring Center (BMC) of PetrSU
- Regional Coordinating Center of the Program "Step to the Future" (in Russian only)
- Regional Center of the Ministry of Education on Labour Protection and Accident Prevention
- Center for rural education development in the European North

Branches, Lyceums

- Kola Branch of PetrSU, Apatity
- University Lyceum, Petrozavodsk

Creative groups

- Academic Choir
- Amateur Academic choir of teachers and staff
- Creative laboratory
- Theatre-studio
- Folk music ensemble "Toive"
- The student tourist club "Sampo"

Maintenance services


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