PetrSU at the student World Championship held in Hong Kong (The First Annual World Collegiate WEICHI Championship)

22 July 2014

1From 7 to 12 July 2014, Hong Kong hosted the game of Go student world championship (The First Annual World Collegiate WEICHI Championship). The competition was attended by more than 100 players from 73 higher education institutions from different parts of the world.

2At this prestigious student competition, the Russian Federation was represented by an official delegation comprising team leader Alexey Lazarev (Head of the Club of intellectual games of PetrSU) and the students of three Russian universities: Kirill Malyshev (Petrozavodsk State University), Nikita Habazov (Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy), Georgii Klubnikov (St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI").

The tournament was held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, well-known for the names of four Nobel laureates associated with this higher education institution.

3The championship was held on the Swiss system in 6 rounds. The winners were selected in two categories: masters and semi-professionals. The level of the game that separates these groups can be roughly estimated as a transition between the level of the first category and candidate master (according to the system of the Unified Sports All-Russian classification).

4The official events began with the draw in the first round in the tournament hall of the student competition. The opening ceremony was held in the evening. The welcoming speech to the participants and guests was delivered by the President of the International Federation of the student game of Go Mr. Ing Min Hao and president of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), Mr. Claude-Louis Gallien.

By the way, FISU is an international sports organization dedicated to the development and promotion of sports among students of the world. FISU coordinates the activities of more than one hundred national federations of university sports belonging to it. Under its auspices, every two years, Summer and Winter Universiade is held - an equivalent of the Olympic Games among students.

5Each participant was given the opportunity to go on stage and introduce the university which he represents to the audience.

The next day started with the most important thing - the intellectual fights.

The two days of intense battles identified the world’s student leaders in the game of Go. The first two places on the podium were occupied by Chinese players - brothers from Fudan University (Shanghai). Russian players Nikita Habazov and Georgii Klubnikov scored two victories in the master tournament.

In the tournament of semi-professionals, PetrSU representative Kirill Malyshev managed 4 wins and as a result shared the 5th place with a representative of the United States, which was the best result among non-Asian players. A very good achievement, considering that Kirill familiarized himself with a game of only a year ago.

6The student festival was also attended by the strongest Chinese punters.

7Especially popular was the Chinese legend of Go, the 9th Dan player Gu Li. Kirill Malyshev got to take part in simultaneous games on the handicap with this master, and which was especially nice, to win!

The competition organizers took care of the cultural and entertainment program for the participants. A huge impression was made by a visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong.

The student World Cup 2015 will be held in Taiwan. There is no doubt that the Russian Mission to the competition will increase, and the gained tournament experience will enable PetrSU students to demonstrate the highest performance.

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