Petrozavodsk State University has started International Winter student sports programming practice

30 January 2015
For 11 days, Petrozavodsk State University has become a center of international programming. Today it started student practice for sports programming, which involves 58 teams from 30 universities of 9 countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Sweden.

The programmers were congratulated by President of PetrSU V.Vasilev: "The training held in Petrozavodsk State University helps to prepare teams at a high professional level, allowing them to win 5-6 prizes out of 12 nearly every Programming World Cup. In Petrozavodsk State University has accumulated a lot of experience in training programmers. Currently, trainings are held by the club of creative programmers not only for university students but also for high school students of Petrozavodsk and the republic", he said.

The participants were also welcomed by advisor to the rector Natalia Ruzanova: "Since 1960s, Karelia has been preparing programmers and implementing information technology. Graduates of our university are in demand not only in the republic and in Russia, but also in the world." N. Ruzanova wished the participants luck in the competition, which will traditionally be tense (participants are offered a complex program of tasks (contexts). Predicting the results of the competition in advance is impossible. They are based on the final rating. The winning team will be the one to have solved the greatest number of tasks in less time.

As part of the training, there will be a competition in programming for the Cup of the Head of Karelia. Its winners have become the champions of the world International Student Programming Competition.

The programming training conducted in Karelia is ranked among the most prestigious ones. Our republic has long established itself among the leading Russian regions for the development of information technology. Success and achievements of Karelian programmers have been repeatedly acknowledged in competitions of the highest rank. At Petrozavodsk State University, the strongest young programmers regularly hone their skills before the upcoming World Cup.

To recap, trainings have been held since 1998, since 2000 taking place twice a year: winter and summer. Since 2006, participants of the trainings have been annually bringing 5-7 sets of medals out of 12 in World Cup finals in programming held among more than 8,000 teams of 2000 universities from 200 countries.

Summing up and awarding the winners will take place on February 9 at 16.00 in the auditorium of the main building of Petrozavodsk State University (Lenina, 33).


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