Admission of International Students to Studies at PetrSU

07 August 2017
PetrSU ended the first wave of the campaign of admission of international students to the higher education programs.

Forty-five students of the Preparatory Faculty of PetrSU have passed the entrance examinations. Starting from September 1, they will be the students of the Institute of Medicine, Institute of Foreign Languages, Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies.

Moreover, the university awaits the arrival of 11 students who will study under the quota of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia at the institutes of PetrSU, the Flagship University of the region, as well as at the Preparatory Faculty.

In September PetrSU launches the second wave of admission campaign for those international citizens who receive their certificates of secondary education in their country in August.

According to preliminary results of the campaign medical education is the most demanded among international students.


 Preparatory Faculty

Main building (pr. Lenina, 33), room 432

(814-2) 71-10-87 (слушатели из России), (international applicants)

 Admission Board

Main building (pr. Lenina, 33), room 127

(814-2) 71-10-30

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