PetrSU Hosts Anniversary Students’ Conference

12 April 2018
Petrozavodsk State University opened the 70th All-Russian (with international participation) Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists.

Petrozavodsk State University opened the 70th All-Russian (with international participation) Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists.

The scientific event has been held at PetrSU since 1948 and annually convenes over a thousand participants from Petrozavodsk University, other educational institutions of Karelia and Russia, as well as foreign partner-universities of PetrSU. Among the reporters are young scientists, students, postgraduates, interns, and schoolchildren.

The anniversary conference will gather over 4 thousand people: contributors, attendants, teachers, and instructors. Altogether there will be over two thousand reports and a record number of sections: over 150. Most of the sections are traditional and correspond to educational programs offered at the Institutes of the University. Still, there will be some new ones.


Thus, the Interfaculty Group will host the section “Youth project development as a tool for the development of the Republic in lines with the concept of PetrSU as the Flagship University”. There the young people will not only present their research but real projects that can promote the development of Karelia. Among the reports are “Waste sorting in every house”, “Expanding the boundaries of Karelian tourism”, “Second life of industrial facilities” and many others.

The section “Intercultural communication at the pre-university stage of teaching foreign citizens and persons without citizenship” organized by the Preparatory Faculty will involve the international students of PetrSU. The range of the topics, as well as geography, is broad: “Royal family in Jordan”, “Woman in Arabian culture: myths and reality”, “International relations between Turkmenistan and Russia”, “Issues of journalism in Afghanistan” etc.


The importance of such a large-scale event was highlighted by Liudmila Deviatnikova, the Head of the Research Planning Department: “Scientific conference of PetrSU is the result of hard and diligent work of the students and young scientists, as well as their scientific advisers representing all educational institutes of PetrSU. The topics of the research are relevant and applicable in practice. The participants traditionally demonstrate earnest interest and strong background, while scientific advisers show compassion and encouragement.”

Liudmila Deviatnikova noted that the conference attracts students to research, enhances the motivation of the students to take part in scientific and community events, and promotes the exchange of new knowledge in areas of professional interest. “Such research collaboration between aspiring scientists and their advisers advances the development of innovations and professional competences in every area, gives the sense of the significance of the results, promotes informal cooperation outside courses and develops teaching potential,” summed up Liudmila.

The winners and prize-winners of the conference will be awarded diplomas and certificates. Best reports will be published.

The conference will last until April the 29th.   



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