TechnoRoboCom – 2018

29 May 2018
This year the event featured 28 teams who presented their robots at three venues.

This year the event featured 28 teams who presented their robots at three venues.

The first venue hosted the Robot Battle. Here the teams competed in four events and determined the most versatile robots. The first place went to the Malinovaya Deviatka team (Igrakov Evgeny, Kovalenko Gleb). The second place was taken by the Vintik and Shpuntik team (Djaparidze Aleksandr, Chalkin Aleksand). The RussianBot team (Kiprianov Rostislav, Liakh Dmitry) and the Medlenny Yozhik team (Menshikov Maksim, Jarvansivu Leo) shared the third place.


The second venue hosted the RoboFIFA Open Cup. This year Russia is hosting the FIFA World Cup. The organizers of the TechnoRoboCom could miss out on the opportunity and hosted their own event, though on a smaller scale. This was the most popular of venues, as it attracted 12 teams. The most goal scoring and efficient team was the Gandicap (Larin German, Tovpenets Georgy). The second place was occupied by the Mdvedy team (Semenov Kirill, Ponomarev Timur).


The third venue featured selection round for the National Robotics Olympiad that starts in June in Innopolis (the Republic of Tatarstan). Here schoolchildren had to use robots to solve issues of food security. Junior schoolchildren competed in precise agriculture: a robot had to select food products according to their outer look and expiration date (green, yellow, blue, and red figures) and then deliver them to the place of recycling and consuming. Senior pupils had to create a robot that could collect data on the quality of soil in different farms and plant trees accordingly. The results of the contests will be announced later.

Participation in the TechnoRoboCom is not only engaging but also useful, particularly for the senior schoolchildren. The winners and prize-winners will receive 8 extra points when applying for PetrSU.

The event was held with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

The TechnoRoboCom contest is held at Petrozavodsk State University since 2011.


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