New Program of the Institute of Foreign Languages of PetrSU

19 June 2018
The Institute of Foreign Languages of PetrSU offers prospective students a new program in Linguistics. Specialization “Translation and translation studies”.

The Institute of Foreign Languages of PetrSU offers prospective students a new program in Linguistics. Specialization “Translation and translation studies”.


The Director of the IFL Inna Kreneva told about the career prospects of future linguists.

–        Inna Vladimirovna, why have you decided to open the new program?

–        We have looked into the practices of the leading Russian universities who train Bachelors in this area and decided that the Linguistics program is quite popular. Besides, the analysis of labor market done by the head of this program Svetlana Guseva, the Associate Professor of the Department of the English Language, showed that many Russian ambitious companies have a need in qualified translators and interpreters. Among these companies are ABV Servis Freelancer (Saint Petersburg), joint venture company Russian Dredging & Marine Contractors, FESCO logistics company, AO Segezhsky Pulp-and-Paper Plant, OOO Tomsky Centr Perevozok etc. The new program will provide specialists to fill these positions.

This program will attract those students who instead of teaching foreign languages plan to pursue a career in translation and interpretation in various fields, including international, social and cultural projects.


-          Who can apply?

-          Graduates of educational institutions who have successfully passed the State Exams in the Russian language, foreign language, and social studies can apply for the program. The minimal number of points is 40 for the first two subjects, and 42 for the social studies exam.

-          Where will the students practice?

-          During their study and on-the-job training included in the curriculum students will work with computer-assisted translation systems, translate various texts at the Student Translation Agency, act as interpreters at the meetings with foreign delegations, help international students of PetrSU, and work with schoolchildren at the Young Translator club.

Among the organizations that will host the practical training will be the Translation Center, the Translation Center of the Linguistic Center of PetrSU, the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.   


-          What will be written in the diploma?

-          The diploma will certify that the graduate has completed education on the Academic Bachelor Degree program “Linguistics”, specialization “Translation and Translation Studies”.


-          Where can the graduate linguists work and in what positions?

-          The Linguistics program will train specialists in interpretation and translation in two foreign languages (English and either German or French). The graduates will in demand in the area of international cooperation, will be able to work at state and private organizations, render interpretation services at international conferences and symposia.

-          Is the education fee-paying or free?

-          As this is the first year of admission the studying will be on a fee-paying basis.

-          How many places do you have?

-          In the 2018-19 academic year, we have 25 places. The studying is intramural.


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