PetrSU Rector Anatoly Voronin met the Technology Director of Outotec Company

07 September 2018
Cooperation between PetrSU and Outotec began 10 years ago.

Cooperation between PetrSU and Outotec began 10 years ago.

“Valery Shlyamin introduced us. At that time he headed the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland.  Over these years our cooperation has only strengthened,” says Antti Roine, the Technology Director of Outotec. “Even in the first year of our cooperation PetrSU managed to solve one of the most complicated problems for us and calculated the Gibbs minimum energy. We work with many different universities and companies in Finland, Sweden, Germany, but it is especially interesting to work with Petrozavodsk and PetrSU. Here you can freely communicate with the developers, they always suggest unique mathematic solutions, it’s very comfortable to work with them.” 

Finnish company Outotec is the world leader in providing technological solutions for mining and metallurgical industry.

Outotec develops and produces technological complexes for metals and mining, energy, and chemical industries, drawing on over 100 years of experience. 

Opti-soft is a Russian IT-company, established on the base of PetrSU. Since 2002 it has implemented over 250 projects for industries and companies in Russia and abroad. Among the customers of Optisoft are large and medium-sized enterprises of the forest and pulp and paper industry, and foreign corporations Valmet and Metso, the world leaders in making equipment for pulp and paper, mining, gas and oil and other industries.

The distinctive feature of the company is the automatization of non-standard and complicated business processes by applying mathematics to solve the tasks of optimal planning, resources distribution and materials configuration.


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