Institute of Medicine of PetrSU at the International BioTournament

29 October 2018
The city of Pushchino hosted the 5th International Student BioTournament, the first Russian student team competition in the area of biology.

The city of Pushchino hosted the 5th International Student BioTournament, the first Russian student team competition in the area of biology.

The main purpose of the project is the vocational guidance of students of biological and related programs of universities, the popularization of scientific and innovative activities, the development of links between the fundamental and applied sciences at universities, cooperation with the real economy. The BioTournament is organized by an initiative group of young scientists (Organizing Committee) with the support of the Pushchino Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The event is supported by the Presidential grants foundation for NGOs.

The tournament is held in two stages: correspondence and full-time. The purpose of the tests of the correspondence stage is the selection of teams for participation in face-to-face competitions held at the premises of the institutes of the Pushchino Research Center. At this stage, the contestants had to solve various scientific problems published in advance on the BioTournament's website. Each of the three full-time stages consisted of scientific battles between problem-solving teams. All decisions are evaluated by experts, which are graduate students, candidates and doctors of science, as well as representatives of companies and high-tech industries.

PetrSU was represented by the team of “Pseudomonas of Onega Lake” consisting students of the Institute of Medicine, program “Pharmacy”: A. M. Rozhina (the captain), Yu. A. Kostyleva, D. N. Alyokhina and Ya. A. Ivanova.

Impressions of the participants:

Both the city itself and the BioTournament were filled with incredible energy, the scientific spirit was present in every audience, every corner of the institute where the tournament was held.

Each team was different in its own way; the solutions attested to the preparation and great work of the participants. We were very interested to hear the solutions of other teams. The ideas provided by other participants helped our team to improve our solutions, as well as to complement knowledge in various scientific fields.

The format of scientific battles gives you the opportunity to learn how to analyze and improve the solutions of other teams, participate in disputes and, finally, competently build a speech and clearly express your thoughts and ideas.

Participation in the BioTournament-2018 in Pushchino served as an excellent experience for us in solving scientific problems, and also gave a huge incentive to further developing and increasing the wealth of knowledge.

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