PetrSU Students Tested their Knowledge of the English Language

04 December 2018
Almost 120 students of various Institutes of PetrSU took part in the All-Russian Dictation in the English language.

Almost 120 students of various Institutes of PetrSU took part in the All-Russian Dictation in the English language.

This was the first time the Flagship University of Karelia took part in the event.

The dictation aims to motivate students to study foreign languages as a means of international communication and increase literacy and level of proficiency in the English language.

This year the participants wrote a dictation under the title Music in Tolstoy’s Life.

The winner of the dictation is the participant who has not made a single orthographic or punctuation mistake. Those who have made no more than one orthographic and one punctuation mistake, or no more than two punctuation mistakes, will be awarded prizes.

The winners and prize-winners will be determined by the jury that includes experienced teachers of the Department of the English language (Svetlana Guseva, Nadezhda Proskuriakova, Svetlana Filon, Liudmila Kukhareva, Vadim Pavlov, Nadezhda Shablikova, Zhanna Voinova, Maria Shemanaeva, Valeria Dmitrieva, Isabella Kaivarainen) and the Department of Foreign Languages for Humanities (Lilia Yusupova and Anastasiya Ananina).

The results of the dictation will be published on the site of the Department of the English language by December 6.

All the participants will receive certificates.                                                          

We already have the first feedback. The senior teacher Anastasiya Ananina assessed the event: “It was an amazing event! The Department of Foreign Languages Humanities is happy that alongside the students of the Institute of Foreign Languages, the dictation included students of non-linguistic programs, namely the 2nd and the 4th year students of the International Relations program. For them, it was a challenge of a kind. They are typical representatives of the Z generation to whom computer and mobile technologies are part and parcel of education. The text was demanding, but I personally expected more pitfalls. I particularly appreciated that many words familiar to our international relations students were put in the less well-known context of art studies. This is yet more proof that all of us regardless of our professional or academic areas by and large speak the same language.”

The senior teacher Lilia Yusupova: “In my view, this is a great event that can become a new tradition of the Institute of Foreign Languages. I think that it should also feature students outside linguistic departments and philologists. Out of curiosity, I wrote the dictation with my students. In my opinion, the text was relatively easy, but perhaps a bit too long. Alongside orthography, the students had to demonstrate their knowledge of syntax and punctuation of the English language that are significantly different from Russian.”

The dictation was organized by the Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies of Kazan Federal University jointly with the Department for Youth Affairs. In 2017 the Dictation involved over 12000 people from 19 regions of Russia. In 2018, 28 thousand participants from 73 regions took part in the Dictation.


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