CULTURE OPEN Success at Parafestival in Joensuu

03 September 2019
Joensuu, the twin-city of Petrozavodsk, held the Parafest.

Joensuu, the twin-city of Petrozavodsk, held the Parafest.                                                               

The event took place with the support of the project Culture open – creating culture together financed within the Karelia ENI Program.

In its turn, CULTURE OPEN is the result of cooperation between Petrozavodsk State University, the Flagship University of Karelia, and the Administration of the Petrozavodsk City District.

The main heroes of the Parafest are people with health limitations. They were not only visitors but active participants of all activities that took place at various creative and cultural venues of the city.


The festival featured a performance of Karelian delegation. Fatima Bogdanova (student of the special (correctional) boarding school No. 23), Konstantin Zverev (graduate of the Petrozavodsk Glazunov Conservatory), Ariadna Liubimova, Daria Ilyinskaya and Egor Portnov (students of the secondary school No. 25) musicians Aleksey Cherepovetsky and Denis Gorodnichin “sparked” the audience with their inimitable performance of Russian and foreign songs.

“According to the project partner, a representative of the Joensuu Administration, this was the first time in the history of the festival when performers were asked for curtain calls and reluctantly let go,” said Elizaveta Druzhinina, the head of the Culture Open project.

The participants of the project took part in a seminar on technologies of working with people with limitations, as well as learned about the organization and infrastructure of the festival from Arto Pippuri, Deputy-Chair of the City Council of Joensuu and co-organizer of the festival.

All participants of Russian delegation unanimously remarked the inspiring, friendly yet chamber and cozy atmosphere of the event, as well as shared their fresh ideas on hosting Parafestival in 2020 in Petrozavodsk, which will be the key event of the project.


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