Premier Exhibition in the New Exhibition Hall of PetrSU

07 February 2019
The new exhibition hall of Petrozavodsk State University opened the exhibition Technology – Art – Design.

The new exhibition hall of Petrozavodsk State University opened the exhibition Technology – Art – Design.

The name of the exhibition fairly presents its content. It features over 50 works made in various techniques of arts and crafts: dolls, embroidery, woodwork, ceramics, metalworking, textile; graphic works and paintings, graphic design projects.

The authors of the exhibits are graduates of previous years, students and teachers of the Department of Technology, Fine Art and Design of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Irina Kopyleva, a graduate of the Department, teacher of the Lyceum No.1, noted that she was pleasantly surprised to be invited to the exhibition and see her work among the exhibits. “The exhibition features a picture I have painted en plein air at the Kizhi Island, while I have still been studying at the university. It depicts my advisor Badri Topuria. Thanks to him I have seen the Kizhi in a different light.  The picture is a dialogue with the teacher. It is painted in warm, bright colors that convey the excitement of the practice and the company of Badri Otarovich,” shared Irina.

Tatiana Voloshina, the Head of the Department, opened the exhibition and highlighted that PetrSU is actively developing art fields. “Our Department trains future arts and handicrafts teachers, designers. In order to showcase the results of students, we need halls. Now our students have a special place where they can present the results of their creative endeavors. Meanwhile, citizens of Petrozavodsk and Karelia can appreciate what talented, creative and dedicated specialists are trained at Petrozavodsk State University,” specified Tatiana Voloshina.

The curators of the exhibition Irina Vlasova (Associate Professor of the Department) and Elena Timofeeva (senior teacher of the Department) noted that in order to visit the exhibition you have to register.

“We are ready to give a tour, host a meeting, presentation and show the results of studies, provide an insight into the teaching methods, share plans for the future with the citizens and guests of Petrozavodsk and Karelia,” said Irina and Elena.

The exhibition Technology – Art – Design has given a start to a new tradition of hosting exhibitions of final works, which will represent different techniques: fine arts, decorative and applied arts, design, lacemaking.

The exhibition works until March 17.

The exhibition hall was established within the Flagship University Development Program. It is a part of the Pedagogic Innovation Park of the university that will open on February 21 in the academic building on ul. Pushkinskaya 17.


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