International Trout Forum in Numbers

13 March 2019
Petrozavodsk hosted the International Trout Forum “Modern Technologies. Safety and Legal Regulation”.

Petrozavodsk hosted the International Trout Forum “Modern Technologies. Safety and Legal Regulation”.

The main venue of the event was Petrozavodsk State University, the Flagship University of the Republic of Karelia.

The event that focused on the issues of modern aquaculture convened heads of governmental agencies, representatives of Russian and foreign companies, research centers and educational institutions. Altogether the Forum involved over 400 people from nine countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland, Norway, Germany, Portugal, the USA, and Greece.

The two days of the Forum included over 25 reports. The simultaneous interpretation was provided by experienced interpreters Nadezhda Shablikova and Vadim Pavlov, Associate Professors of the Department of the English Language of PetrSU.


“It was a pleasure to feel a part of such a grand event. We have succeeded in our mission. It was interesting to work with professional sound technicians. Specialized vocabulary requires preparation and we are grateful to those speakers who have provided their reports beforehand,” shared their impressions Nadezhda Shablikova and Vadim Pavlov.

The participants of the Forum appreciated the amazing organizational work which involved student volunteers of Petrozavodsk State University. Over 100 people worked in 9 areas: meeting, registration, assistance, support of topical educational platforms, technical support, helping moderators of trans-sessions, work with media etc.

Online broadcast of the Forum was provided by the specialist of the Regional Center for New Information Technologies and the Mediacenter of PetrSU.


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