If There Is Micro, There Will Be Macro!

14 March 2019
Currently, PetrSU is implementing 17 international projects of the ENI Karelia CBC Programme.

Currently, PetrSU is implementing 17 international projects of the ENI Karelia CBC Programme.

The aim of the ENI Karelia CBC Programme is to increase the appeal of the region for life and business.

One of the implemented projects, Promoting Cross-Border Wood Construction Business, aims to study possibilities of new business models, incubators and innovations.

“So far this microproject is implemented by PetrSU, representatives of Karelia University of Applied Sciences (the Lead Partner, Finland) and Saint Petersburg Forestry University, yet the activities are well underway and the project team has every reason to believe that this project will be continued this autumn and grow into a full-scale project,” said Boris Yagnuk, Associate Professor of the Department of Construction Management and Technology, project manager on behalf of PetrSU.

He outlined the tasks of the microproject: analysis of the bottlenecks, hindering the development and full use of the potential of wood construction; building the network of key players to boost the business and promote mutual understanding on the solution of problems.

On March 11-13 Saint Petersburg hosted a work meeting that convened representatives of all partner organizations. The participants of the meeting unanimously decided that the project is successful and in autumn they will apply to one of the EU programs in order to have it broadened and developed.

On behalf of the Lead Partner, the meeting featured Timo Pakarinen (teacher of Karelia University of Applied Sciences) and Mikko Matveinen (project manager); Saint Petersburg Forestry University was represented by Svetlana Tereshchenko (executive director of the International Center for Forestry and Forest Industry, while PetrSU was represented by Boris Yagnuk.


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