PetrSU Students are the Winners of the 5th Stage of Winter Swimming World Cup

04 April 2019
For the first time, Karelia hosted a large-scale international competition in winter swimming.

For the first time, Karelia hosted a large-scale international competition in winter swimming.

Among the competitors were 299 enthusiasts of winter swimming from Belorussia, Germany, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Russia, the USA, Finland, France, Chile, Estonia, and Austria.

The medals were awarded in individual events (25m breaststroke/crawl stroke/butterfly, 50 m breaststroke/crawl stroke, 100m breaststroke/crawl stroke, and 200m breaststroke/crawl stroke), as well as in three types of relay races: 4x25 combined, 4x25 freestyle, and 4x25 breaststroke.

PetrSU was represented by the members of the swimming team of the university Pavel Ryndov (3rd year, Institute of Mathematics and IT), Aleksey Belokon (1st year, Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism), Yulia Mikhailova (2nd year of the IPCST).

In three days PetrSU sportsmen have won 12 medals.                                                                     

On the first day in 25m butterfly in respective age groups Yulia Mikhailova won the first place, Aleksey Belokon – the 2nd place, Pavel Ryndov – the 3rd place. On the same day, Yulia won gold in 25m freestyle event.

On the second day in the 100m freestyle event Yulia Mikhailova won gold, Pavel Ryndov took the 3rd place. In the 50m freestyle event, Yulia came second.

On the final day in the 50m breaststroke event, Yulia Mikhailova took the 2nd place.

We would like to distinguish the coach of PetrSU swimming team Liudmila Egorova, who too won medals: 1st place in 25m freestyle event, 3rd place in 25 breaststroke event, 2nd place in 25 butterfly event, 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle events. 

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