PetrSU Joined the Total Dictation

15 April 2019
Annual educational event “Total Dictation” in Petrozavodsk took place for the sixth time and involved 400 people.

Annual educational event “Total Dictation” in Petrozavodsk took place for the sixth time and involved 400 people.

This year the author of the four texts was Pavel Basinsky, the Russian writer and journalist. In Petrozavodsk, the participants of the event wrote the text “Soul Catcher” (about Maksim Gorky’s play “The Lower Depths”) from the dictation of actors, presenters, and teachers.

PetrSU, the Flagship University of Karelia, has been part of the action for 6 years, since 2014. Each time the university welcomes even more participants, many of them have written the dictation for several years in a row. This year the university organized two venues, while the number of participants reached 125 people.

The international students who study the Russian language at PetrSU took part in the event “TruD”. It offered ten tasks to the text written specifically for the dictation by one of the contemporary writers. Additionally, they can write a short except by ear in order to feel the spirit of the event.

Irina Provorotova, the reader at PetrSU, shared her impressions of the event:            

“I am reading the dictation for the fourth time but I would like to one day become a participant too. Each time when I read the text I think, “This is where I would have made a mistake, and I would have written it that way”.

Nina Khyunen, the leader of the headquarters of the Total Dictation in Petrozavodsk, noted that she writes the dictation after some time has passed when the text is forgotten: “I have never written the dictation excellently. My biggest challenge is punctuation. When we discuss texts with the committee each year I learn a new rule for myself.”

Nina also highlighted that at PetrSU the dictation is always held superbly and receives the most positive feedback from the participants.

One of the participants said that she has been taking part in the event since its arrival to Petrozavodsk in 2014. “In all this time I have received the excellent grade just once, but despite that, I take the dictation each year and test my knowledge. It is  wonderful that this event now takes place in our city and more and more people take part in it.”

Among the most involved participants of the organization of the Total Dictation 2019 were the employees of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of the Institute of Philology – the members of the testing committee who fulfilled the momentous task of assessing the works on the same day: Elena Guseva, Angelina Dundukova, Andrey Kotov (chairman of the expert committee and coordinator of the Total Dictation at PetrSU), Aleksandr Lebedev, Nina Markova, Elena Mukhina, Anfisa Rozhkova, Vladimir Semakov.

The Total Dictation is an annual educational event held since 2004 as a volunteer dictation for everyone. The aim of the event is to show that literacy is important for every person, to convince that learning the Russian language is no easy task, yet it is an engaging and useful one, and to unite everyone who can or wants to write and speak the Russian language.

The capital of the Total Dictation in 2019 was Tallinn (Estonia).



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