PetrSU at the FRUCT24 Conference

19 April 2019
On April 9-12 Moscow hosted the FRUCT24 conference.

On April 9-12 Moscow hosted the FRUCT24 conference.

Teachers and employees of Petrozavodsk State University presented their reports:

FRUCT (Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunication) is an independent Open Innovation Association founded in 2007 to develop joint start-up business teams from Russia and Finland. the Association focuses on incubation industrially demanded competences in IT and ICT at universities, and initially oriented on technologies of Nokia Corporation. The Association is known for its educational and R&D activities focused on the improvement of the innovation ecosystem of Russia and Finland, development of cooperation between universities and industrial research group and competitiveness of the graduate students.

The International Open Innovation Association FRUCT supports R&D of students guided by the leading specialists in the area of information technologies and telecommunications. The main goal of the Association is to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their professional skills by participating in projects that require a creative approach and yield practical results.

FRUCT Association facilitates the development of telecommunication and mobile technologies oriented on the cutting-edge research in IT. The directions of research within FRUCT include (but are not limited to) mobile devices software, open source projects, cross-platforms and Qt solutions, mobile Linux-based systems, Internet of Things and smart spaces, solutions for early disease detention and mobile healthcare, etc.

All reports are in the English language.

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