Strategic Project 10 and ENI Project in Action

08 May 2019
On May 7 in the framework of the Strategic Project 10 “Soft Security” of the Flagship University Development Program and the ENI project KA1021 Promoting Cross-Border Wood Construction Business PetrSU hosted a workshop on the further development of the project.

The participants of the meeting from Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Saint Petersburg Forest Technical University and Petrozavodsk State University (the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences) discussed promoting the project, outlined goals for its further development, considered possibilities of joining other programs and further exploration of the topic.

The parties expressed proposals to implement another micro-project, join the ERASMUS program and explore other uses of the results of the projects and capabilities of the project managers.

Among the participants were the representatives of the lead partner (Timo Pakarinen, Mikko Matveinen from Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland), partner Saint Petersburg Forest Technical University represented by Svetlana Tereshchenko, Anatoly Chubinsky and Artur Fediaev, project manager at PetrSU Boris Yagnuyk.

The partners carried out a SWOT analysis (analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the project from the viewpoints of both parties and possibilities of development of promising areas of the project considering the existing risks).

“The project will last until October 1, 2019, and there is no doubt that it will be rightfully continued within one of the international programs. Our partners and project managers at Petrozavodsk University are sure of that,” said Boris Yagnuyk.


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