Finnish Professor Delivered Lectures and Held a Workshop on Corpus Linguistics

08 May 2019
The Institute of Foreign Languages hosted an event that undoubtedly will long be remembered by everyone in presence. At the invitation of the Center for Applied Linguistic Studies, the IFL welcomed the Associate Professor of the University of Helsinki, internationally acclaimed specialist in corpus linguistics Mikhail Kopotev.

He read two lectures for students and teachers of the Institute of Foreign Languages on the subject of “What is corpus linguistics” and “Does language exist or What and how we study using corpus”, as well as held a workshop “Corpus linguistics in translation”, participants of which could work with various parallel corpuses while completing different applied tasks.

At the end of the eventful day both students and teachers spoke warmly of what they have heard:

“For me, these lectures were of utmost benefit, while Mikhail, an amazing lecturer with a great sense of humour, sparked keen interest in the subject.” (Danil Fokin, students of group 153). Svetlana Guseva, acting head of the Department of the English Language of the IFL highlighted that “open lectures and workshops held by specialists of such excellence broaden educational practices of students and help to introduce new trends in linguistics within research projects at various levels, including international.” How have professional literary translators translated into a foreign language the word “avos”? What words are more likely to be used in the expression “as a … in the pan”? Previously, studying these questions would have take month, now once you have mastered the skills of using corpora you will find answers in a matter of seconds. The future of linguistics lies with corpus technologies and it is comforting that the first studies employing them are now being done by PetrSu students and translate into their reports and theses.


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