Chinese Students Were Introduced to Traditional Karelian Costume

14 May 2019
Tatiana Martianova and Andrey Kosourov, the 1st year students of the Institute of Philology of PetrSU, held an engaging class for the students from Anhui Normal University who study at PetrSU.

Tatiana and Andrey introduced the international students to the traditional Karelian costume. The Chinese students enjoyed trying on shirts, sarafan, peak cap, and povoinik, examined traditional embroidery, discussed the role of woman’s headdress that indicated her marital status and welfare, speculated on the symbolic meaning of red and white colours predominant in Karelia costume.

Immersion in regional studies, as the students themselves note, was interesting and insightful. We hope that such events will strengthen the ties between representatives of different cultures,

– said Natalia Shubina, the Associate Professor of the Department of the Russian Language.      


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