First Ecological Youth Festival in Petrozavodsk

11 June 2019
The most eco-friendly students, teachers, kids and other citizens of Petrozavodsk gathered at the Green Apple Eco-festival last weekend.

The Green Apple festival has been held in Petrozavodsk for the first time and united people of different ages and professions by the global idea of the ecological and zero-waste lifestyle.

Such topics as separate waste collection, recycling and re-use, ecological thinking and practice have been discussed.

One of the festival’s speakers was Anna Soboleva-Viarieva, a PetrSU instructor and the head of the SLOVO International Agency. Anna has explained that absolutely everyone can foster simple daily eco-habits and stick to the ecological way of living. Anna is not an ecologist, she is just a non-indifferent citizen, as she says.

However, if you would like to study modern ecological issues in depth, you may apply for PetrSU Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies.
We are also proud that Petrozavodsk State University is the second in the “green” universities ranking. If you are an eco-conscious person, be sure that you will find a lot of like-minded people not only among PetrSU students but also in the broader local community.

 Preparatory Faculty

Main building (pr. Lenina, 33), room 432

(814-2) 71-10-87 (слушатели из России), (international applicants)

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