PetrSU Students From Jordan Dive Into Karelian Culture

17 June 2019
PetrSU Preparatory Faculty students are completing their Russian classes.
This year has been very active and full of studies for the students of PetrSU Preparatory Faculty from Jordan. Apart from classes, they have been involved in lots of extracurricular activities aimed at adaptation to the local culture and lifestyle.

Taking part in these activities, the students got acquainted with the history of Petrozavodsk, touched, tasted and felt Russian culture, and even strengthened their health!

Diana Yevdokimova, an instructor of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, has arranged several bright and memorable events, such as Christmas and New Year parties at the students’ dormitory, a tour around Petrozavodsk main sports venues and visits to the most famous Karelian museums.

As a matter of curiosity, the Jordan students have noticed, that they changed their attitude to Russian winter after having had a closer look at it. They used to think that winter is a hard and boring season, but this year they have discovered unique opportunities which are offered by the snowy time. The students were keen on trying different types of skis, snowboards, skates and vatrushka-sleds.


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