PetrSU Representatives at Symposium of the International Dostoevsky Society

06 August 2019
Boston University (USA) held the 17th symposium of International Dostoevsky Society (IDS). It was dedicated to the 150-year anniversary of The Idiot.

Boston University (USA) held the 17th symposium of International Dostoevsky Society (IDS). It was dedicated to the 150-year anniversary of The Idiot.

With a view to share their research, methods of teaching the works of the great Russian writer, and experience of translating his works around 120 specialists from different countries of the world came to New England: the USA, the UK, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Scotland, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, China. Among the participants were 20 scientists from Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ufa, Yaroslavl, Tomsk, and Petrozavodsk).

Petrozavodsk State University was represented by Vladimir Zakharov, President of the ISD, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Head of the Department of Classical Philology, Russian Literature and Journalism, and Irina Andrianova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Head of the Web-laboratory of the Institute of Philology.


Vladimir Zakharov took part in the plenary session with his report and presentation “Issues and Prospects of the Digital Dostoevsky Project”. In his report he talked about the goals he pursued 25 years ago when he established the Web-laboratory and textological group at the Institute of Philology, demonstrated photos of equipment (Macintosh Classic) on which the employees started preparing electronic versions of the texts by Russian writers and read manuscripts by Dostoevsky; presented portal that hosts the results of the many years of Web-laboratory pursuits: concordances of all works by Dostoevsky, memorial evangelistary of the writer with description of owner’s notes, his correspondence, archives of Vremya, Epokha and Grazhdanin journals, collected works by Vladimir Dal, Ivan Shmelev, Ivan Bunin, and other electronic scientific publications. Professor of Harvard University William Todd III professed that when he holds seminar on Dostoevsky he always works with this site.

Irina Andrianova dedicated her report to writers of world literature who used services of stenographers, the role of a stenographer wife in creative process of Dostoevsky, particulars of Dostoevsky’s stenographs. The researcher has been studying these archived documents for three years together with Oksana Sosnovskaya, specialist of the Web-laboratory. The report sparked interest in the auditory, while professor of the University of California, Berkley Eric Naiman offered Irina Andrianova to hold a conference dedicated to wives who helped writers.

The International Dostoevsky Society was founded in September 1971 and has since been the platform for a deeper and more efficient study of life and works of the writer, establishing ties between Dostoevsky scholars around the world. Vladimir Zakharov was the President of the IDS for two terms from 2013 till 2019.


On July 15 the General Assembly of the IDS elected a new president Carol Apollonio (Duke University, USA), while Vladimir Zakharov became the honored president of the society. During his presidency the IDS has held a series of important events in preserving memory of Fyodor Dostoevsky and propagating his works in the world. One of them was the establishment of the Unknown Dostoevsky scientific journal on the premises of PetrSU (editor-in-chief Vladimir Zakharov, editorial office Irina Andrianova,Oksana Sosnovskaya, Elena Vial, Liubov Alekseeva, Tatiana Paniukova, Valentina Zinkova, Anton Khramykh). The journal has taken a special place among numerous publications on Dostoevsky as its mission is to attract and support original studies of biography and works of the genius Russian writer based on historiography, provide readers from different countries with access to unpublished archive materials. This year marks the 5-year anniversary of the quarterly journal. In this time it has gained deserved Russian and international recognition.

“Taking over the reins of the International Dostoevsky Society from Vladimir Zakharov, now former president. Thank you for all the amazing work you did for the society! And for the smile,” was the address of the new president of the IDS Carol Apollonio to her predecessor.

Petrozavodsk State University is the world center for studying the life and works of Fyodor Dostoevsky. The results of the Web-laboratory and the textological group were appraised by the participants of the Boston symposium with words of appreciation and applause.


More information about the 17th IDS Symposium will be available in the next issue of the Unknown Dostoevsky, 2019, No. 3.  

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