International Teacher Training Conference in Helsinki

20 August 2019
Teachers of the Baltic and Finnish Philology Department M.V. Kazakova and A. Karkhu took part in the Annual International Teacher Training Conference “Opintopäivät – 2019” for the teachers of the Finnish language, literature and culture, working in higher educational institutions outside Finland.

The main issues of the conference included translation in teaching the Finnish language, image of Finland in multicultural world, literary text as a method of intercultural communication.

The representatives of PetrSU took part in master-classes “Problems of teaching the creative writing at the Finnish language lessons” (drafting various texts: from the most simple to the literary texts), “Divisible and indivisible in the Finnish language grammar”, “Machine translation: a friend or an enemy of the language teacher. Is it worth using the machine translation to the benefit of teaching the languages”.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Education in Finland nowadays the Finnish language and culture is taught in more than 90 universities around the world, including Petrozavodsk State University, the Flagship University of Karelia.

The students of the Baltic and Finnish Philology Department of PetrSU actively participate in scientific and cultural life of the Finno-Ugric world. The practical methods of language immersion were elaborated at the department. Starting from the first year, the practical courses and lectures are conducted in the Finnish, Karelian and Vepsian languages.

The department is in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Finland, similar faculties of the Finnish universities, the Finnish Literature Society and many other organizations that provide considerable assistance in obtaining new scientific and educational literature, replenishment of video library and educational recourses on CD.

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