International Courses ICCROM “Wooden Architecture Conservation and Restoration” Opened in PetrSU

02 September 2019
These are the only ICCROM courses in Russia.

These are the only ICCROM courses in Russia.  

Today the specialists in wooden architecture preservation from 14 countries – Argentina, New Zealand, the Philippines, Slovenia, Australia, Turkey, Finland, Canada, Palestine, Poland, India, Spain, Russia – gathered in PetrSU at the opening of the ICCROM courses (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property). 

Marina Gvozdeva, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs of PetrSU, welcomed the participants: "These are the second courses of ICCROM conducted in PetrSU. In 2017 they were held for the first time. The teaching takes place here. Such an event is a serious recognition of the university as an expert space. This is a great opportunity to acquaint with approaches and techniques used by the specialists in restoration in different countries, share own competences and communicate with each other, develop further cooperation. The courses became the first international school that was held in PetrSU as the Flagship University, and that proves once again the right format, especially since this school successfully participates in the implementation of the project “Soft Security” that started this year. Apart from being a platform for the specialists in the field of conservation and restoration of monuments, it is also a very important form of the international cooperation in the logic of good neighborliness: here we meet, communicate, share the experience. We hope that this cooperation continues”. 

Deputy Prime-Minister of the Republic Government for Social Affairs Larisa Podsadnik wished the participants of the course productive and results-oriented work: “We understand that the specialists in this field are needed in Russia as well as in the whole world. Most heartfelt thanks are to the Kizhi Museum and Petrozavodsk State University that managed to organize such courses and attract international attention to the question of conservation and restoration of monuments of wooden architecture”. 

The Director of the Kizhi Museum Elena Bogdanova congratulated the participants of the event on the opening of the courses and thanked PetrSU for fruitful cooperation: “Our courses wouldn’t take place without very serious support provided by our longtime and reliable partner Petrozavodsk State University, where we established jointly the UNESCO Chair for Wooden Architecture Research and Preservation. Our courses wouldn’t take place without very serious support provided by the Flagship University of Karelia Republic. We have signed the trilateral agreement on the UNESCO Chair development”. 

One of the course participants carpenter Mike Murray came to PetrSU from Alberta (Canada). Mike told that he has been practicing restoration work of different wooden buildings for 19 years already. “I’m expecting from the courses to receive new knowledge, practice for a while with local carpenters, I want to bring new axe as a souvenir and share new knowledge on restoration and conservation of wooden buildings with my colleagues at home,” told the carpenter from Canada. “Twenty years ago when I started working, I already knew about the Kizhi and I’m very glad that I have come here: I will take part in the course and I will visit the island. It is a good idea to hold the courses at Petrozavodsk State University because the students can learn something from us and we can learn from them”.  

The courses are an intensive educational program that unites theoretical and practical parts, lectures and classes on monitoring, conservation, preventative maintenance and restoration of wooden monuments, as well as participation in current restoration projects of the Kizhi Museum, acquaintance with distinguished monuments of wooden architecture of Karelia and extensive cultural program. 

The first week of the courses will be held at Petrozavodsk State University, next two weeks the group will spend on the Kizhi Island. The educational process will include the educational architectural models, manuals, educational albums, and video films prepared by the personnel of the Kizhi Museum, as well as the collection of carpenter’s tools. Part of the classes is held through the example of the monuments of wooden architecture of the museum. Practical classes are held at the Restoration Complex of the museum, which is equipped with modern and traditional equipment. 

The main part of the course is conducted by the practicing specialists of the Kizhi Museum, who possess unique competencies and best practices in the sphere of the wooden architecture preservation, as well as by the invited experts in the preservation of the cultural heritage from Russia, Italy, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. 

The ICCROM courses are held on the recommendation of the ICOMOS and UNESCO experts who highly evaluate the quality of the restoration works on the Kizhi Island.


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