Japanese in Three Weeks

08 February 2021
Ekaterina Morozova, a first-year Master's student at the Institute of Philology, completed her training in the Winter School in Japan.

Ekaterina Morozova, a first-year Master's student at the Institute of Philology, completed her training in the Winter School in Japan. After completion of a three-week online course, the student can write her name in Japanese and make a conversation: "エ カ テ リ ナ で す.そ し て わ た し わ に ほ ん ご す こ し が で き ま す " (Ekaterina desu. Soshite watashi wa nihongo sukoshi ga dekimasu.), translated into English means: "My name is Ekaterina and I speak a little Japanese". 

"In January, I studied at the Japanese Sophia University in Tokyo. 

I have always been interested in culture of Japan and visiting this country was my dream. When I saw the information about the winter school at Sophia University in Tokyo, I was happy and decided to apply immediately. Needless to say, this year the school took place online that allowed some of us to participate. A trip to Tokyo usually costs much money, but in this case, I do not have to spend on anything. 

The course lasted three weeks, I chose the Japanese language "Japanese 1" as a subject. The course was intensive, with every day lessons which began at 7:30 AM because of the time difference. Getting up so early in January was challenging, but the lessons were so interesting that it helped me resist my urge to sleep longer. 

I studied in a small group: there were 11 of us. The guys came from different countries and for the first time in my life I was the only person in the group from the European part of our planet. 5 people came from Australia, 2 girls from Côte d'Ivoire, a guy from America, a girl from South Africa and a guy from Bangladesh. Because of the time zones, for all of us, lessons began at different times of the day, and often students answered "Good morning" or "Good evening" to the teacher's phrase "Good afternoon". Our teachers were two professors from Sophia University: Japanese women Yoko Sensei and Endo Sensei. There was always a nice friendly atmosphere in the classroom, which went hand in hand with strict discipline, and thanks to this we managed to study a lot of things. There was a lot of homework and during the lessons we did not waste a minute - we were fully engaged in Japanese language. 

I really liked this attitude, and in the final lessons we had already become closer and could discuss the personal topics in Japanese and get to know each other even better. Indeed, the fact that we could speak in the final lessons was the most exciting thing, because we all started from scratch, and the language of instruction was English. During the three-week course, we learned hiragana and katakana, mastered a number of conversation topics, and got acquainted with Japanese culture. And, of course, we all have found each other on social media and now we keep in touch, and the most important thing is that we all have a dream to visit Japan together, see Sophia University in Tokyo with our own eyes. 

I am absolutely delighted with this course! And I am so grateful to the exchange programs division of PetrSU for this opportunity", 

- said Ekaterina.


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