Preparatory Faculty

If you want to study at PetrSU, but have no knowledge of Russian, our pre-university foundation program is what you are looking for.

This program includes Russian lessons, as well as lessons related to your future studies. You will get a good background in core subjects and plenty of language practice.


The program trains students in the following areas:

Area of studies

Subjects taught

Medical studies

Russian, Chemistry, Biology, Physics


Russian, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science


Russian, Social Studies, History, Literature


Russian, Social Studies, History, Mathematics

In order to apply for this program, you will have to fill out the application form and send it along with the scan of your passport and secondary school certificate to

All questions regarding the pre-university foundation program can be directed to Elena Titova, head of this program, at

Last updated : 15.05.2019

 Preparatory Faculty

Main building (pr. Lenina, 33), room 432

(814-2) 71-10-87,

 Recruitment Division

Academic building No.1 (ul. Anokhina, 20), room 402

(814-2) 71-96-32

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