Meet the land of lakes and forests


Karelia is the North-western region of Russia, which has a 798 km-long border with Finland. The convenient location of Petrozavodsk offers great opportunities for traveling around Russia and Europe. You can quickly get to Moscow and St. Petersburg by train, bus or plane. 


Petrozavodsk, which is the capital of Karelia, is a town located on the shore of Lake Onega. Wonderful and picturesque nature in combination with rich cultural and business life of citizens will be a great addition to the versatile students’ activity. Living in Petrozavodsk is much more quiet and economical than in the capital cities, but you always have an opportunity to arrange an active weekend or eventful holidays for a change.

Petrozavodsk daily life figures

  • Population: >270 000 people
  • Apartment rent cost: 12000 - 15000 RUB/month
  • University dormitory cost: 500 - 1000 RUB/month
  • Average meal price: 200 RUB
  • Bus: 38 RUB/ride
  • Taxi: 120 - 200 RUB/ride
  • A cinema ticket: 300 - 400 RUB
  • A theater ticket: 500 - 1000 RUB
  • A train to Moscow: 1 500 - 3000 RUB
  • A plane to Moscow: from 1000 RUB
  • A train to St. Petersburg: 1 000 - 1500 RUB

Explore Petrozavodsk and Karelia and enjoy the beauty of the North!

Last updated: 29.06.2022

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