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If you have decided to study at Petrozavodsk State University, there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Choose an Institute and a study program

Please check the migration rules and requirements before submitting the documents.

  1. Get and check all the necessary documents*, send them to interdep@petrsu.ru and upload them to your personal profile. (When you come to Petrozavodsk, you should personally submit the originals of all the necessary documents to the Admission board).
  2. Now you have to take two entrance examinations online.

The first one is the Russian language and the second one will depend on your future field of studies:

The list of documents for application to the International Admission Board:

  1. An international passport.
  2. A notarized Russian translation of the passport.
  3. The original of the document confirming your previous education with all the academic transcripts.
    - For Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs you need a School Leaving Certificate;
    - For Master’s programs you need a Bachelor’s or a Specialist’s Diploma.
  4. A notarized Russian translation of the document confirming your previous education (including the academic transcripts).
  5. Six black-and-white matte official photos sized 3x4 cm
  6. vaccination history certificate. You are required to get the following vaccinations: diphteria (not older than 10 years), measles, hepatitis B (HB).

Note! For several programs you will also need a 086-y medical certificate issued in Russia (can be issued in Petrozavodsk). This is the list of programs demanding the medical certificate:

  • General Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Mining Engineering
  • Teacher Education (all the specializations)
  • Psychology and Teacher Education
  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Heat and Power Engineering
  • Electrical Power and Electrical Technology
  • Operation of Technological and Transport Machines and Systems
  • Construction

Note! According to the Russian law, the documents issued in another country can be officially used only with legalization. This is a formal procedure for giving the document validity in a foreign country. Certificates and diplomas issued by different countries demand different types of legalization. You may check the requirements for your country here (in Russian only) or you may consult us interdep@petrsu.ru

Note! Education obtained in some foreign countries need the procedure of recognition. It means that your level of education is officially confirmed in the Russian Federation and gives you the right to continue your education in Russia. The necessity of this procedure for your country can be checked here (in Russian only) or you may consult us interdep@petrsu.ru

Instructions how to get the recognition of foreign education

  1. Pay a tuition fee.
  • A tuition fee at PetrSU is paid upon enrollment of a foreign student.
  • You may pay via a bank-account transfer.
  • The amount to be paid will be written in your contract. You may pay the tuition fee either in full or in installments (one half by the 1st of October and the other half by the 1st of February).
  1. Become a member of PetrSU students’ community!
Last updated: 16.06.2023

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