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What are the contacts of PetrSU Institute of International Programs?
How can I apply for the Russian language program?
Where can I find out about Petrozavodsk?
Where can I find about cultural life of Petrozavodsk?

How can I get a scholarship?
PetrSU does not provide scholarships for foreign applicants. However you can contact a mission of Rossotrudnichestvo in your country for information on scholarships for international students. Note that Rossotrudnichestvo only deals with full studies scholarships and does not provide scholarships for Russian language programs.

Exchange students have the ability to study at PetrSU for free for one or two semesters. Find out more HERE.

What are the admissions and visa requirements for international students?
Where can I find out about exchange programs?
Does PetrSU offer summer school opportunities?

Who can use PetrSU libraries?
All PetrSU students including exchange students and students arriving for the Russian language course can use libraries.


How do I acquire a student visa?

In order to obtain a student visa you need an official invitation from an educational institution. First of all you need to submit a scan of your passport along with filled in application form to us at After you have registered for one of the programs in our university you will receive an official invitation letter from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Note that it usually takes about one month to issue an invitation.
Nowadays almost all of the countries work with electronic invitations. If you need a paper-format invitation, please indicate it in your letter to one of our coordinators. You will also need to pay for the post service in case you need a paper-format invitation.
Be sure to leave enough time for the procedure of obtaining a visa, as a rule it takes approximately 2 weeks. The cost of the visa depends on processing time and type of visa.

Do I need to register my visa?

You need your visa registered within 72 hours after arriving in Petrozavodsk. The International Office of PetrSU takes charge of registration. All you need is to bring your passport, visa and 2 photos of yourself to the Visa and Registration office of PetrSU (Petrozavodsk State University, Anokhina str., 20, office 409).


  • Will someone meet me at the railway station?

    Yes, representative of PetrSU International Office will meet you upon your arrival and help to find route to the student dormitory or hotel. You need to submit the exact date and time of your arrival to Petrozavodsk to your coordinator. Sending us a scan or a photo of your ticket will be the best way to do that.

  • What does the first “Orientation” week include?

    It includes the excursion tour of Petrozavodsk; the guide will tell you the most important information about the city (transport, shops, museums, cafés, clubs, etc.). You will get the map of Petrozavodsk and International Students Handbook where you will find a lot of useful information about University and its facilities. If you come as a group the first week includes welcome dinner where you get acquainted with coordinators and administrative staff of the university.

  • How much money should I take?

    You need about 150 euros a month for food (not including cafés). Museums and cinemas cost varies from 3 to 100 euros. You may need some money to buy souvenirs, presents, etc.

  • Do I need to carry around my documents?

    Yes. We advise you to always have your passport or printed copies of a page with photo and a visa with you. You need to show your passport when exchanging money (or during other financial transactions), buying train tickets, booking hotel and entering night clubs.

  • What kind of food will I be getting if I choose homestay with meals?

    Russian cuisine is mostly presented by familiar products which one can meet all around the world. It also concerns the university canteen.
    If you choose another type of accommodation you can cook yourself, eat in the university canteen or elsewhere. You will get more detailed information about restaurants, cafes, bars of Petrozavodsk upon your arrival or read about them now HERE.

  • Do I have to get medical insurance during stay in Petrozavodsk?

    Before arrival to Russia you should check with your doctor so as to know whether you need to take medicine and get a medical insurance policy before you leave your home country. International students do not get free medical care in Petrozavodsk unless they have a medical insurance. Otherwise a student will have to pay extra money.
    You can acquire medical insurance in Petrozavodsk as well. The cost depends on the duration of your stay.

  • Can I change accommodation if I am not comfortable with it?

    We do our best to provide you with accommodation which meets your wishes and demands. In case you are not satisfied with it we will provide you with another accommodation.

  • How do I reach university on the first day of the course?

    On your first day you will be guided by your local coordinator.

  • Who can I address if I have problems?

    If you have problems, you can address with them to your local coordinator. If he or she is out of the office for some reason, you can contact any staff member of International Office.

  • What should I do if I get sick?

    First of all, you should contact your coordinator. He/she will help you get medical care. You will get free medical care provided that you have medical insurance. Otherwise you will have to pay money for provided medical services.

  • Where can I go in for sports?

    There are loads of sport centers in the university as well as in the city. For more information please proceed to the Cultural life of Petrozavodsk.

  • Is street crime common in Petrozavodsk?

    No, Petrozavodsk is really calm and friendly. It has 250000 inhabitants and is considered to be relatively small city. You should stick to the basic security rules which you follow in your hometown. Please do not carry around large sums of cash and be observant of the traffic rules.

  • Where can I get a month ticket for public transport?

    You can obtain one-month trolleybus pass at the university. The cost for the pass is approximately 10 euro. You can't use this pass when using other kinds of public transport.

  • Where can I exchange money?

    You can exchange money in one of many bank offices in Petrozavodsk.

International Education Centre
Petrozavodsk State University
Russia, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Anokhina str., 20, office # 401
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Last updated: 18.12.2015

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