Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

  • Bachelor degree
  • Diploma of higher education
  • Master degree
  • Ph. D

Petrozavodsk State University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in science and humanities.
If you already speak Russian, you are welcome to study at any faculty of PetrSU. There are 9 faculties and 7 educational institutes offering a wide range of disciplines. The teaching and research activities of PetrSU are widely-based, their focus being on social sciences, humanities, polytechnic science. 

Undergraduate degrees
Most undergraduate courses lead to the award of one of the two possible certificates:
Bachelor (BSc/BA) is the undergraduate qualification offered by Departments of Mathematics and Physics. The award follows four-year course of study.
Diploma is awarded after five years of study and a successful defence of a final-year project.

Postgraduate degrees
The departments of Mathematics and Physics offer Master degree studies. This is a two-year programme requiring a Bachelor degree in a relevant area. Ph.D. This is a standard postgraduate research degree. The course of study and research typically takes three years. The degree is awarded on the basis of a thesis prepared by the student and examined by internal and external examiners.
1st semester starts on September, 1, ends on January, 21
2nd semester starts on February, 7, ends on June, 10
After each semester the students have to pass exams. The successful grades let go on studying in the following semester.
To be admitted you have to provide the necessary documents:

1.Copy of certification of completed secondary education in original language and translation;
2.Statement of purpose in Russian language;
3.Filled application form;
4.Medical insurance;
5.Copy of all the bank transfer details. 

Last updated: 29.01.2019