Why Petrozavodsk?

Convenient Location 

Petrozavodsk - coordinates 61°47′N 34°20′E (show location on an interactive map)

  • Petrozavodsk is the largest (capital) city of the Republic of Karelia, but at the same time it is quite calm and has a real Russian charm. 
  • You need only one night  to get to Moscow or  St. Petersburg by a comfortable night train.
  • Living with a Russian family, you will get to know what Russian hospitality means.
  • You will study Russian in a friendly atmosphere and make friends with Russian students. 
  • You will be able to see the Kizhi churches, the Valaam and Solovetskiy monasteries, and other beautiful sceneries and masterpieces of architecture.

Welcoming environment
Karelia is a land of richest history and culture. While staying here, you can see world known masterpieces of the Russian Northern culture - the museum of wooden architecture Kizhi, the monasteries of Valaam and Solovki.

You can visit Karelian villages with their special northern charm and experience the exceptional hospitality of their people. Science, arts and folklore are cherished in Karelia.

There are two institutes of higher education in Karelia - Petrozavodsk State University and the Conservatory.

In addition, there are Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a great number of educational centers of various branches.

There are four theaters in Petrozavodsk and every other town in Karelia has its own theater. Museums of local history and culture can be found in almost every town.

Beautiful environment
Beautiful nature, nice and hospitable people. Unforgettable natural attractions of Karelia are the Kivach waterfall, the Onego Lake (the cleanest in Europe), numerous forest parks, rocks, plains, and lakes. It's an ideal place for boating, skiing, hiking, fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, a place for picnics and rest.

See why we say, From Here You Can Go Anywhere!
You have a unique chance to visit St.Petersburg and Moscow regularly (it's relatively close). You can also visit other Northern Russian cities - Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, and Vologda!

Low living cost
Food and housing are relatively cheap, especially compared with big cities.
You can save money and yet return home with bags full of Karelian (and not only) souvenirs and gifts.
The artists of Culture and Rest Center in the Republic of Karelia are prize winners of many republican and all-Russian exhibitions. They can offer many articles unique in design and made of wood, birch bark, bone, natural fabric and yarn.


You can buy different souvenir toys like:
Nine-pieces matrjeshka-dolls, rolling matrjeshka-dolls, painted eggs, Manya-and-Vanya textile dolls, kettle cover, wooden decorative and kitchen boards, boxes with landscape painting, birch bark boxes, brooches, pendants, earrings made of bone, lace collars, etc.

So, no matter if you're still in high school, a recent graduate, or are pursuing a graduate degree, come and visit us!
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Last updated: 21.01.2016