DAAD school 2021 "Legendary Karelia"

During the global pandemic, the Republic of Karelia has proved to be one of the most attractive places for domestic and international tourists. It is considered to be the place of origin for many famous Russian epics and also associated with myths, legends and witchcraft.

Ruskeala marble canyon, Kivach waterfall, Kizhi Island – all these places are well known around the globe. People call Karelia «place of power» as it gives energy and passion. Karelia is one of the biggest scientific and research centres in the European North of Russia.

The programme "Legendary Karelia" gives unique chance to immerse students into the distinctive Karelian culture and provide insight into history and formation of the today's republic with focus of Karelia – Germany relations.

Besides being a part of Russian Federation, Republic of Karelia is an independent region with its national identity, indigenous culture and language. Karelians and Vepsians, small indigenous population of Karelia, are the keepers of the original culture, which students will have the opportunity to encounter during the programme.

During the last 50 years Karelia has close contacts with Germany. Tubingen is a sister-city of Petrozavodsk, our regions have a long history of business, scientific and industrial cooperation in many fields. Karelia is active participant of  DAAD and Goethe-Institut Russland Programmes, thousands of Karelian students study German language and participate in various exchange programs.

School programme

The scope of the programme includes cultural, historical, economical, and political aspects of studying the Republic of Karelia. The programme might be beneficial for students of tourism, ethnography, international relations and regional studies. Being delivered fully in German, it also provides Russian language course and encourages communication between German and Russian students. Apart from video lectures, online conferences and reading materials, the curriculum also includes engaging group assignments, cultural masterclasses, quizzes and live broadcasts from museums and traditional villages. The programme attends to the use of various learning modes and diverse educational materials. 

Start date: 09.08.2021 end date: 28.08.2021
Schedule: flexible with live discussions from 10:00 to 17.30 UTC +3

Delivery: online through the Google class and the Blue Jeans platform
Video lectures,  follow-up tests, and online activities – 2 - 4 hours every day, total of 36 hours
Russian language classes - 2 hours every day, total of 30 hours
Individual research work - 30 hours
Final project - 4 hours

Total: 100 hours
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History of Karelia (15 hours)

Professors and experts:
- Ernest Tsypkin (Associate Professor, Institute of foreign languages, Petrozavodsk State University)
- Irina Kotyurova (PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Institute of foreign languages, Petrozavodsk State University)


- The geographical location of the Republic of Karelia - lecture
- Brief history of Karelia - lecture
- State structure  - lecture + online discussion
- Excursion around Petrozavodsk - lecture + media project
- History of relations between Karelia and Germany - lecture + quiz
- Final group project

Karelian culture (12 hours)

Professors and experts:
- Ernest Tsypkin (Associate Professor, Institute of foreign languages, Petrozavodsk State University)
- Julia Tolmacheva (native karelian, ethnographer, specialist in Karelian culture)
- Maria Filatova (native vepsian, presenter on television)


- National composition and identity - lecture
- History and culture of native karelians - lecture + online discussion + masterclass
- Distinctive features of Vepsian culture - lecture + online discussion
- Final group project

Economic development of Karelia (9 hours)

Professors and experts:
- Ernest Tsypkin (Associate Professor, Institute of foreign languages, Petrozavodsk State University)
- Dmitriy Kislov (former Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Industry of the Republic of Karelia)


- Economic overview of Karelia - lecture
- Economic development of the Republic of Karelia from 1995 to the present - 2 lectures + online discussion
- Final group project

- Test results  – 20%
- Online participation – 30%
- Group assignments – 30%
- Final project – 20%
Total – 100%

Students receive credit if 80% of the programme is completed

How to apply

Please send application form together with short motivation letter to: alexey.a.rogozin@gmail.com

Application deadline - 27.06.2021

Last updated: 11.06.2021

 Department of International Projects and Programs

Academic building No.1 (ul. Anokhina, 20), room 406

(814-2) 71-96-14


Marina Stanislavovna

Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor
Head of the Directorate, Directorate for International Affairs
Associate Professor, Department of the English Language
(814-2) 71-96-32

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