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PetrSU has won an international project funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the EU from 15.10.2016 till 14.10.2019. Project is performed in collaboration with 14 foreign universities and organizations. The project is designed to develop and improve educational programs in information literacy and academic writing of students, young scientists and teachers in English.  Working closely with the Coordinating organisation PetrSU  participates in working groups and forms local committee structures, to ensure the dissemination of project results and the implementation of project initiatives at PetrSU, other universities and in society at large.

Full title:
Developing Trans-regional information literacy for lifelong learning and the knowledge economy [DIREKT].

Project aim:
Promotion of the Bologna Process by means of studying the inclusion of IL competencies into educational programmes. Creation of intagrated into the curriculum IL programmes (inserted into the system of three cycles (bachelor/master/PhD), provision of quality and acknowledgment of qualifications for development of lifelong learning in society in general.

Project objectives:
- Programme development. IL for lifelong learning and their use in educational programmes when needed:
- Development of innovative IL online modules;
- Harmonization of IL programmes with those that are active at the moment in EU;
- Capacity building in higher education institutions for strategic planning and realization of IL programmes;
- Development of IL policies, regulations, - aims, objectives;
- Spreading the information about approaches to development of IL and provision of sustainability.

Official Website of the project https://direkt-cbhe.com/

Module 1: English for Specific Purposes
Module 2: IL Marketing skills for Academic staff librarians
Module 3: Information Literacy 1 – for Librarians to train them to help learners find and use information effectively and ethically
Module 4: Information Literacy 2 – for Librarians to train them to help learners access information online and in print
Module 5: Information Literacy 3 – Innovative online library services for 21st Century Librarians
Module 6: Information Literacy and Academic Writing 1
Module 7: Information Literacy and Academic Writing 2
Module 8: English for Professional Purposes

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