Exchange Programs

PetrSU has exchange agreements with 60 partner universities and has been hosting students from all over the world for many years.

We welcome all students from our partner universities to study at PetrSU for one or two semesters!


All students from partner universities can apply for an exchange year or semester at PetrSU.

Please note that students taking the first or the last semester at their home university are not eligible to apply.



Exchange students do not have to pay tuition fee.

Other expenses

  • Average meal price: 200 – 250 RUB
  • Public transport cost (mini-bus): 32 RUB/trip
  • Taxi cost: 100 – 150 RUB
  • Cinema tickets: 300 – 350 RUB
  • Theatre tickets: 500 – 1000 RUB

There are also additional expenses upon your arrival to Petrozavodsk, which you have to pay only once:

  • National visa tax – 1600 RUB
  • Medical Insurance – 2000 RUB (valid for one year)
  • Fluorography examination – 200 RUB (for those who stay at the dormitory)


PetrSU has several dormitories in various areas of the city. All the exchange students are provided with a place in a room in one of the dormitories for less 300 RUB per month.


All courses are held in the Russian language, which is why we require language skills in Russian that correspond to Level B (Intermediate/Upper-intermediate) of the CEFR. If you are not sure whether you language skills are enough to study at PetrSU, you can take the following test


  • If you have decided to take one or two semesters at Petrozavodsk State University, turn to the international office of your home university
  • Once it was confirmed that your university has a valid agreement with PetrSU and you were nominated as an exchange student, you will have to send us the following documents:
    • A scan of your international passport;
    • Learning agreement (with the list of subjects you would like to study at PetrSU);
    • Nomination letter (drafted by your home university’s coordinator);
    • Application form

Please send the documents to  

  • Once you have submitted the documents, PetrSU will start drafting an official invitation letter for you. You will need this letter in order to obtain a student visa.

You can find more information on application in our Fact Sheet 2021–2022 and PetrSU Guide

You can get an official acceptance letter if needed upon request.


Application deadline for fall semester – June 30

Application deadline for spring semester – November 30

For students from non-partner universities

Only students from partner universities can study at PetrSU on an exchange program. If you would like your university to have and exchange agreement with PetrSU, ask the international coordinator from your home university to contact us at

Last updated: 12.05.2021

 Exchange Programs Division

Academic building No.1 (ul. Anokhina, 20), room 401

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