The Students’ Sport Club works under the Department of Physical Education. The Club has sections of volleyball, tourism, athletics, basketball, futsal, capoeira, sambo, the game of go and others. The Sports Club has achieved impressive results in training sportsmen. In 2011 the students of PetrSU were the champions of Russian Student Taekwondo Championship, Russian sectional championships in 4x200 m relay, 400-meter race, 100-meter hurdles among youth, high jump among youth, the gold medalists of the World Junior Championship, the  bronze medalists of the All-Russian Skiing Competition, the champions of the Northwestern Federal District in the individual event of artistic gymnastics, the champions of the International Boxing Competition among the Finno-Ugric peoples.


  • Tournaments of the Association of Russian Student Sport Clubs
  • International, All-Russian, regional and university tournaments
  • Camping trips and expeditions
  • Festival of water tourism “Melt water”
  • Health and fitness center
  • Sports clubs
  • Cross-country Race of Nations
  • Russian Ski Track
  • Russian Azimuth


24 sports clubs

36 sports facilities

700 students pass the standards of the Ready for Labor and Defense program annually.

1230 participants.

Averagely around 1000 people go to the university gyms daily.

At the initiative of the students, sambo and Karelian game kyykkä (skittles) have been introduced to the Ready for Labor and Defense program.


  •  PetrSU sports team “Fresh Wind” is the first prize winner of the first tournament of the Association of Russian Student Sport Clubs that took place in Yaroslavl in 2013; the third prize winners in Kaliningrad Tournament in 2014.
  •  Picked cross-country skiing and orienteering teams were the winners of the Winter World Student Games in the Northwestern Federal District.
  •  PetrSU athletics team is the prize-winner of the All-Russian competition “Student Sports Stars”
  •  The Sports Club trainees have become the Masters of Sports, Olympians, winners and prize-winners of the World Championships, Europe Championships, Russian Championships in combat sambo, karate, taekwondo, athletics,  orienteering sports, Thai boxing, arm-lifting , the game of go.

Last updated: 20.01.2016