VELOVE Cycling club

VELOVE Cycling club is a new brand of the university and the city that has united over three thousand cyclists. It all has begun with a bike ride in the main streets of the city, and now VELOVE offers everyone cycling adventures all year round.


  • Cycling School “Veloshkola” – educational project supported by the State Automobile Inspection aimed at promotion of cycling culture in the city
  • Cycling Olympics “VelOOlimpiada” – cycling quest with objectives connected to cultural and historically significant places of interest in the cities that have joined the project
  • Cycling movies in the kitchen – viewing of the newest videos from the club events, as well watching movies with fellow cycle enthusiasts
  • Cycling Day (Veloden) and Cycling Night (Velonoch) – youth and family festivities that bring all the citizens together for a grand bike ride in the main streets
  • Cycling Dawn (Velozakat) – nightly assembly of the cycling enthusiasts on the city embankment
  • Race Enduro – spectacular cross-country races
  • Donor’s Day on a Bike, Cycling to Work, Lady on a Bicycle, VeloMAN and VeloKRASA competitions


  • The project has become extremely popular and attracted thousands of people in Petrozavodsk and the Republic, and this is just the beginning.
  • Bicycle parking facilities have been installed by the dormitories of PetrSU, and the bike shed near the main building of PetrSU is the best indicator of the significance of the project. 
  • 2 kilometers of new bicycle paths in Petrozavodsk is the first victory of the movement in the city.


Anastasiia Nerovnaiia, the Head of the Club:

“After the first bike ride the cyclists have been recognized and the city has begun to change: bicycle parking facilities have been installed, new bicycle paths have been built. Overall the cycling culture in the city has significantly changed. For Petrozavodsk citizens a bicycle has become everything: a means of transport, a way of life, a part of an image, a reason to celebrate, an art object. And this is the reason for VELOVE to continue its work and bring together socially minded citizens, cyclists and pedestrians, in its new projects”.

Contacts: Anastasiia Nerovnaiia, the Head of the Club

Last updated: 05.02.2016