The motto of the ensemble is “All those years basking in fame in jeans and with a kantele in hands”

The Ensemble mission is to revive the traditions of Karelian folk instrument kantele. The Ensemble plays folk-jazz music. All the songs and arrangements are based on folk melodies performed on kantele, completed with flute, noisemakers, strings and bow instruments.

Music education is not required for joining the ensemble! Eagerness and hard work will be enough!

We will teach you to improvise and play kantele, fipple flute, noisemakers and percussions, as well as sing.

We play contemporary folk music.

Find YOUR music!


  • “Open Russia” event.
  •  Revival of the traditions of playing Karelian folk instruments.
  • “New Forms of Educational Leisure Activities”.
  • Festival “Rhythms+”.

The special thing about the Ensemble is that practically all its members are not professional musicians.

The musicians of the Ensemble can teach you to play such unique instruments as “bellowing of a Karelian elk” and “murmur of the Onega Lake”.

The artistic director of the Ensemble if the Honored Artist of the Republic of Karelia Sergei Stangrit:

“Those who are willing to become a part of the Ensemble are not required to have music education. If people have energy and time to come to rehearsals several times a week, in the end they will learn something”.

The Ensemble rehearses at the address: ul. Gorkogo, 25, Gogolevskii shopping center, the 3rd lane, the 3rd floor

Schedule: Monday, Thursday at 19:00


  • For many years the Ensemble has been working with children with learning disabilities using the unique methods of music therapy that give excellent results;
  • The prize-winner of the international festival “The Future of the Planet”;
  • The participant of the International Festival of Old Plucked Strings Instruments Sadko;
  • The participant of the International Festival Kantele;
  • The participant of International Art Camp of Kantele players.

Last updated: 05.02.2016