SLOVO International Agency is the linguistic volunteer movement of PetrSU


Translated from Russian, “slovo” means “word”. The Slovo Agency unites students from all over the world regardless of their ethnicity, age, and program of study. The Slovo friendly atmosphere will help you to get in touch with the representatives of various cultures and new languages.

In February 2019 the Slovo project won in the nomination Best System of Work with International Students and International Student Cooperation.

The Slovo unites not only PetrSU students but also schoolchildren, students of other educational institutions, as well as just active citizens of Petrozavodsk. They watch and discuss movies, cook national food, attend lectures and workshops, play, learn to communicate and understand each other, and even travel together.

Some events, such as the Language Fair or the Festival of Nations, have already become a tradition.
The Slovo Agency invites everybody to meet adventurous people from all over the world who have come to study at Petrozavodsk State University. We are sure that at the Slovo you will make lots of discoveries, find new friends, have fun and probably get carried away by one of the foreign languages!
If you would like to join the SLOVO events, please contact the angency coordinator Anna Soboleva-Vyarieva
Last updated: 18.04.2019

 Preparatory Faculty

Main building (pr. Lenina, 33), room 432

(814-2) 71-10-87 (слушатели из России), (international applicants)

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