The SAMPO Students’ Tourist Club

Sampo Students’ Tourist Club was founded in 1964. It organizes trips on kayaks and catamarans and promotes hiking and traveling around Karelia and Russia on skis or bicycles. The members of the Club are mainly the students and the graduates of PetrSU, as well as the students of other educational institutions of Petrozavodsk. The training offered at the Club includes theoretical classes (held once a week in the Main academic building, room 401), training sessions (twice a week), weekend hikes and treks required for conferment of sports ranks and titles. Each year the Club takes part in various city and republic competitions in sports tourism. Many members of the Club work as instructors of adventure travel, tourism teachers and employees of tourist agencies of Karelia.
Throughout its history, the Club has trained 13 Masters of Sport in tourism. The members have been on the most difficult treks all over the former USSR. More than 160 groups have been in the Baikal Lake region, Kamchatka, Yakutia, Altai, the Caucasus, the Pamirs, and the Carpathians, on the Taimyr Peninsula, the Sayans and Tien Shan. Last year the members of the Club took trips to the most interesting destinations: they went hiking in the Iturup Island (the Kuril Islands), the Polar Urals, took a ski trip in the Khibiny Mountains, hiked in the Kondopozhskii District and rafted on the Loimola and the Shuya rivers.
The most challenging ski treks in the history of the Club and the university are Naryan-Mar – Arkhangelsk – Petrozavodsk (2000 km); Petrozavodsk – Murmansk; Petrozavodsk – Arkhangelsk – Syktyvkar.
The Club is highly interested in information on the work of tourist association of Northern Europe: skiers, bicyclists, hikers, and water tourists.
Last updated: 11.04.2019

 Sampo Students’ Tourist Club

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