The Student Union

The Student Union is the largest student organization of PetrSU. The students become members of the Union as soon as they enter the university. The Union is headed by the Student Union Committee. As it is challenging for a small team to work with 5000 students, the Union encourages the students who are the members of the Union to get involved in the work. The students learn about the activities of the Union through their Union leaders, information stands and PetrSU newspaper, as well as on the Internet.

 The main activities of the Student Union

Protection of rights of the PetrSU students

Any Union’s purpose is to protect the rights and the legitimate interests of its members, and so the Student Union renders legal support to the students. The Union operates in close cooperation with the administration of the university and monitors and suppresses any impairment of the students’ rights.

Organization of summer vacation for the students

PetrSU has its own summer Health Camp Shotozero, located 80 kilometers from Petrozavodsk in the pine wood on the shores of a lake, where the students can enjoy their summer holidays.

Organization of sports activities and leisure time of the students

Other important aspects of the work of the Student Union are sports and organization of leisure time of the students.

The Student Union takes part in the organization and holding public events, scientific conferences and other events for the students. It supports student art groups and studios working at the university. One of the recent projects of the Union is the establishment of student sports and health center that grants discounts to the members.

Social protection of the students of PetrSU

The Union distinguishes students who are in need of financial support. Such as

  •  Students without parents;
  •  Disabled people;
  •  Students with own families;
  •  Single mothers;
  •  Students from the Chernobyl zone;
  •  Students from single-parent families;
  •  Students from multi-child families;
  •  Students living in the suburbs and others.

These students will have to provide documents (copies) certifying their social position.

Last updated: 06.03.2019