Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences

The Institute offers educational programs in the area of the mining industry, which has always been of huge importance in the region. It trains high-class specialists, who are able to use the achievements of modern science and implement them in order to develop mining complexes and thus improve the quality of life in Petrozavodsk and Karelia. Professors are always looking for innovative methods and technologies, which they can then use in the learning process. Moreover, the Institute trains specialists in the areas of Construction, Technological Machines and Equipment, Landscape Architecture and Forestry, which are vital for the Republic of Karelia. It is the only educational institution in the region that provides higher education in the above-mentioned areas. During their studies, students learn the fundamentals of various engineering systems, factory management, equipment operation, and other disciplines. Skills that they gain during theoretical and practical training allow them t... More

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Vadim Mikhailovich

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor

Regina Fominichna

Candidate of Geographic Sciences, Associate Professor
Deputy Director

Vsevolod Alekseevich

Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Deputy Director


Academic building No.10 (pr. Lenina, 29), room 211

8 (814-2) 77-50-03