Institute of Medicine

The Institute of Medicine trains specialists in the areas of General Medicine, Pediatrics and Pharmacy. Over the period of its existence, it has trained over ten thousand doctors and pharmacists, contributing to the health care system in Karelia, Murmansk region and other regions nearby.

Study programs include general academic and professional courses. A huge emphasis is laid on practical training, which can be done in local hospitals, pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies and other medical institutions. Another important aspect of training is students’ research activity, which enables them to improve their knowledge and become better specialists in their field.

New educational methods and technologies are constantly being introduced to the studying process. For example, the Institute has its own multifunctional module study center, where students can gain medical skills in conditions as close as possible to real ones.

The Institute of Medicine has 14 departments (including clinical department on the premises of medical institutions of the Republic of Karelia), two buildings (theoretical and morphologic), Anatomical Museum (exhibits made with different embalming methods depict organization of the body, phylogeny and ontogeny, abnormal developments, organ structure at an early age), United Multifunctional Center for Module Education, Department of Medical Literature of the Scientific Library of the university (around 2 million documents) and a sports hall.

The graduates may work at public or private hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical institutions, as well as in the health care system and education.

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Aleksandr Timofeevich

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Full Professor

Marina Eduardovna

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
заместитель директора по учебной работе

Tatiana Olegovna

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor
заместитель директора по научной работе

Mariia Olegovna

заместитель директора по работе с иностранными студентами

Violetta Valerevna

Candidate of Medical Sciences
заместитель директора по воспитательной работе


Theoretical building (ul. Krasnoarmeiskaia, 31), room 349

(814-2) 78-15-50