Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies

The Institute trains specialists in the fields of natural sciences (chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics), biological and ecological sciences (botany, zoology, ecology, biochemistry, molecular biology, geography etc) and humanities (history, foreign languages, psychology, education etc).

The research activities of the Institute are diverse and varied. They focus on the exploration of flora and fauna of the European North, assessment of land and water ecosystems, and forecasting of the surrounding environment in the context of anthropogenic influences and mechanisms of adaptation of organisms to extreme factors.

The Institute maintains two biological stations, a botanical garden, herbarium, the Laboratory of Environmental Problems of the North, and the Laboratory of Functional Ecology. This is the only institute in Northwest Russia that trains specialists in the fields of agriculture, fish farming, agribusiness, as well as mechanical engineering in the respective field. Students have an opportunity to study on the university’s premises, as well as on the premises of technical schools in Petrozavodsk, thus getting extensive training and practical experience for their future career.

Academic activity focuses on studying flora and fauna of the European North, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and predicting environmental changes as a consequence of human impact. The institute undertakes research activities in the areas of plants’ and animals’ disease resistance, feed production and animal breeding, as well as implements projects in the areas of dairy cattle breeding, feed production and agroecology.


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Tamara Iurevna

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Olga Vladimirovna

Candidate of Biological Sciences
заместитель директора по учебной работе

Nadezhda Aleksandrovna

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor
заместитель директора по воспитательной работе

Larisa Anatolevna

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
ответственный за профориентационную работу


Main building (pr. Lenina, 33), room 363

(814-2) 71-10-37